WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — For the most part, pilots have been relegated to employee status working for the airlines, air charter and fractional ownership companies. Earthjet views the pilot as a fundamental key to the success of any air service business, and is offering the pilot the opportunity to own the business as well as fly the plane.

Earthjet has developed a franchise business whereby pilots can own and operate a purpose-built air taxi jet and provide passenger service as part of a network instead of trying to go at the business alone. The network provides the scale and efficiency which is essential for a reliable and profitable air taxi business.

Features and benefits of the Earthjet system include: access to a purpose-designed air taxi jet manufactured by established OEMs; uniform safety systems and culture; extensive training, including business training; centralized reservation systems; computerized back-office systems; approved suppliers at preferential pricing for almost all aspects of the business; complete financing packages for those who qualify; and on-going support.

David Bjellos, former major airline captain, now manager of a prestigious South Florida Corporate Flight Department and frequent contributor to Professional Pilot magazine states:

“Earthjet has covered all the bases so that pilots can finally own a jet which is a revenue machine – it is designed for the rigors of high-cycle passenger service. They have come up with a dynamic approach to creating a service network, with the systems and processes required to maintain a safe, uniform, and highly reliable passenger service. For pilots who have dreamed of owning a jet and working for themselves, Earthjet provides a terrific opportunity.”

Earthjet has involved professional pilots throughout the planning stages of the business. The reception and enthusiasm for the novel business model, aircraft design, proposed systems and processes, reservation logic, and commitment to safety and ongoing franchise support has been extremely positive. The reaction to the purpose-designed air taxi jet has been fantastic – the pilots recognize this as a critical element for the success of the business. Beginning service with the wrong equipment versus guiding the development of the right aircraft has been a strong point of contention. In the end, practically everyone agrees that this business can only work with the right aircraft.

Earthjet will be formally offering franchise opportunities to qualified pilots early next year.

About Earthjet
Earthjet Incorporated was established to bring airline affordability to business jet travel, and open up private jet travel to millions more passengers. Our motto is “Business jet service, at Airline prices”. By developing a network of highly qualified professional pilot-owners, our franchise offers safe, high quality and reliable service through a vast network. We believe Earthjet is the next evolutionary step in air travel, combining the comfort, convenience and speed of business jets with seat prices normally associated with the airlines.

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