NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — EASEUS’ Data Recovery Wizard not only finds lost files, it restores dashed dreams. One client had given up hope of finding a beloved music collection; Data Recovery Wizard delivered. A representative of EASEUS explains that they received an e-mail from a gentleman who wrote that he could not find a musical collection of personal favorites saved on a D: drive. “I tried to recover it, but it failed,” he explains. “Most of the music is now too old for me to find on the Web. However, while searching the Web, I discovered Data Recovery Wizard.”

easeusHe goes on to explain that he was not sure how the music was lost, but was wondering if the product could help. He was so distraught he could not sleep.

The information technology staff at EASEUS reacted quickly and suggested that he give Data Recovery Wizard a try.

One day later, staff received an e-mail from the same gentleman. He happily reported that it worked and found all lost music files. He added, “I can have sweet dreams from now on.”

Combined with a module of “Complete Recovery,” the purpose of Data Recovery Wizard is to find lost data. When the software is launched, the user simply chooses the “Complete Recovery” button and it begins to recover lost data and files.

Prior to recovery, a preview of all files is revealed to ensure the user that these are the wanted files.

The user interface is easy to use. There are three modules in the stat interface: deleted file recovery; complete recovery; and partition recovery.

Deleted file recovery quickly recovers deleted files after emptying the recycle bin. Complete recovery finds lost data caused by formatted partition; and a crashed file system. Partition recovery gets data back when the file system crashes; partitions are mistakenly deleted or hidden; drives had a failed operating/file system; or drives suffer a computer virus.

The company specializes in data recovery software for Windows OS. Data Recovery Wizard supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and VISTA. The software supports Hardware RAID, SD, MS, and more.

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