‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ Audition Showcases Talent of OCB Students

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Students from the Cleveland Campus of the Ohio Center for Broadcasting ( spent a day with the production staff of the ABC Television show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” as the show stopped in Cleveland on September 7th to hold auditions for the next contestants of the show. Both Cleveland students and show and station executives felt the day went great, and the students were left with a lasting impression of the excitement associated with being on staff of an international hit TV show.

OCB Cleveland students Antjuan Wilson, Callen Lanphear, Mike Falkenstein, and Tom Cook showcased stellar talents as they assisted in the event. One of the students was offered a job after graduation with the show, as a result of the skills and work ethic he demonstrated during the course of the event. Erica Wilke, Promotion Producer/PR Manager for CBS 19 & WUAB UPN 43 said, “The OCB students were fantastic! All four of them are such hard workers! I was very, very impressed. The producers of the ‘Millionaire’ show couldn’t say enough great things about them! If they need internships, have them call me. Thanks to all at OCB, we had a really great event!”

The scope and high profile of the event illuminates the advantages of being an OCB Student with opportunities to intern at world class events and venues, while networking and gaining more hands on knowledge in all aspects of the Television and Radio Industry. OCB/ICB students truly are positioned at the head of the pack as they enter into the dymanic and exciting broadcasting industry.

Since 1986, the Ohio and Illinois Centers for Broadcasting have taught all aspects of broadcasting to a generation of broadcasters through an intensive, hands-on program instructed by the industry’s top professionals. The Centers for Broadcasting possess a unique mix of broadcasting leadership and experience, educational excellence, and use of cutting edge technologies, combining to solidify their position at the forefront of broadcasting education.

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NEWS SOURCE: Ohio Center for Broadcasting
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