FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Distinguished and world renowned physician, Dr. William P. Castelli, M.D., will be joining the cardiology practice of The Heart Center of MetroWest. The announcement was made by Dr. James Alderman, the Heart Center’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We are very fortunate to welcome Dr. Castelli, an internationally acclaimed expert in the identification and treatment of risk factors for coronary heart disease,” said Dr. Alderman. “Dr. Castelli brings years of experience in modifying these risk factors in patients who have been diagnosed with coronary disease as well as the large population of people who are in danger of developing the disease. He will add to our practice tremendous expertise in identifying patients at risk for heart attacks due to cholesterol disorders, hypertension, or diabetes and will lead initiatives to aggressively treat these risk factors.”

Dr. Castelli proclaimed that “Studies have now proven that aggressive coronary risk factor modification can potentially prevent the emergence of coronary disease in the general population and halt the progression of the disease in most coronary patients, possibly even leading to reversal of the disease process in some individuals.”

According to Dr. Alderman, “Dr. Castelli will add a critical component to our groups’ wide spectrum of cardiac services, which range from office and hospital consultations to outpatient cardiac testing and patient follow-up to highly specialized procedures such as cardiac catheterization and angioplasty, cardiac electrophysiology, and MRI scans of the heart. Dr. Castelli will be an important contributor to the Heart Center’s mission to provide comprehensive cardiac care, improving quality of life for the cardiac patient and reducing the deleterious impact of heart disease in our community.”

Dr. Castelli, a distinguished cardiovascular specialist, is best known as the former director of the Framingham Heart Study, a role he served for 30 years. It was during his leadership of this world renowned heart study that “high blood pressure” and “cholesterol” became household terms. Dr. Castelli’s team pioneered “The Framingham Risk Score” used to predict the 10-year risk of coronary events, including heart attack and death from coronary disease. Over the last 50 years, the Framingham Heart Study has studied four generations of Framingham citizens, and is regarded as the most comprehensive study of its kind in medical history.

In recent years, Dr. Castelli served as the medical director of the Framingham Cardiovascular Institute based at the Framingham Union Hospital of MetroWest Medical Center. Dr. Castelli has also been engaged for many years in teaching epidemiology and prevention of atherosclerotic disease at Harvard Medical School, Boston University School of Medicine, and The University of Massachusetts Medical School.

About The Heart Center of MetroWest
The Heart Center of MetroWest is a full-service cardiology practice based in Framingham, Marlborough and Natick, with 10 board-certified cardiologists (anticipated to expand to 14 by July) which provide expertise in all cardiology subspecialties. This group of experienced cardiologists is focused on providing patients the highest level of cardiac care in the MetroWest community, without the journey into Boston.

Dr. Castelli will be joining the other prominent physicians of the Heart Center of MetroWest: Drs. James Alderman, Elizabeth Ascher, Patrick Blomberg, Daniel Carlucci, James Dangel, Harvey Goldfine, Donald Love, George Kinzfogl, Howard Sussman and David Young. The Heart Center also has five outstanding Nurse Practitioners: Carolyn Bacon, Elizabeth Houk, Jan Johnson, Terri Reed, and Margaret Sullivan.

The Heart Center of MetroWest is a trademark of The Heart Center of MetroWest, Inc.

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