MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Purplenova ( has announced the release of FunCaster – A widget that allows users to make selective PC content directly accessible from popular social networking sites, forums and portals. The FunCaster, says the company, was developed in response to concern among Internet users about having to upload photos, videos and other personal content on to third-party servers to be able to share them with friends.

With instances of content misuse growing in number, many users believe that not all content is to be shared forever and not all content should be uploaded on third party servers. Uploading pictures and videos to third-party servers raises questions about their privacy, security, ownership and fair use. The FunCaster allows users to bypass these questions entirely by making it possible to display content on social networks directly from an Internet connected PC.

FunCaster widget The FunCaster widget is embedded once on the user’s personal page on any of the popular social networking sites. The FunCaster desktop agent is then used to designate content on the user’s PC that is to be displayed through the widget. Only the designated content is displayed, and sharing can be turned on or off at any time from the desktop agent. Viewers who visit the social networking site do not need any additional software in order to view the content, when using any of the commonly used Internet browsers such as IE, Mozilla, Opera, etc.

The FunCaster widget works with most of the social networking sites, including the more popular sites such as MySpace, Blogger, Yahoo 360, Microsoft Live Spaces, Facebook, AIM, Xanga, Ning, Friendster, and hundreds of others. The FunCaster Widget is free.

About Purplenova
Purplenova offers solutions that promote a “do-it-yourself” approach to web-hosting and content serving. With broadband connections becoming faster and reliable, and with powerful machines residing in people’s homes and small offices, Purplenova makes a case for “Unlimited Hosting” directly from end-user machines. Purplenova users not only retain control over their content but also get more from their investment in computers and broadband.

Purplenova has offices in Mountain View, California and India. More information:

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