COLUMN: Concerned about the plight of the Gulf of Mexico? There is growing intensity around the oil spill and the fingers are flying as people get into the thick of it. There are many discussions and I know from my clients and friends that people feel pretty helpless right now as we see our beautiful ocean and environment trashed. However, I think if we can all suspend judgment and focus on the real concerns, we might be able to heal this travesty.

No matter what we as individuals believe, most of us want to see the treasures of the earth maintained. So, let’s step back a moment and look at the big picture. As the Law of Attraction teaches, let’s keep our eye on the prize, rather than what is now present in your line of site. First let me say that if we saw someone we loved bleeding to death in a hospital room, we may react first in anger, but then we would want to do something, anything to help, right? Well, there is something you can do.

I am offering you a choice this day, to do something positive. I am offering you a simple meditation or prayer vigil, a visioning process that will heal all of us. The process is psychologically freeing and documented as a vehicle that has been used in hospital settings to assist the healing of cancer patients and others that are medically fragile. This prayer and meditation vigil is something everyone can do from your homes and it only takes a few moments of your time. Take a minute to rise above your daily life to give back to the earth that sustains you.

Rise above your political differences to send love and support to all. Think about it, we pray and meditate on our own health and the health of family members and friends, why not the earth?

Upon awakening each morning, while still sleepy, laying there safe and warm, let awareness in slowly, you are in charge. Raise your level of love by thinking of all of your loved ones. Imagine yourself hovering over the gulf with all of these loved ones and friends. Join hands in a circle as you did as a child at play with friends.

There are two circles and you may choose one or both: the circle for the water, water fowl and creatures of the gulf or the circle to plug the hole in the pipe. Now repeat these short, simple messages…or form your own prayerful meditation:

Water, water fowl & Creatures of the Gulf
We now join with the light and love of the Universe to purify and heal this beautiful region of the earth.

I see the toxicity and oil dissipate easily and effortlessly
I see each creature of the gulf waters cleansed of toxicity, playing and living in health and peace
I see with clarity the beautiful blue pristine waters of the gulf
I see the water pure and blue accepting the love we send

The Hole & the Workers
I send love and support to our leadership that they might make wise decisions for the good of the Gulf of Mexico.

I collaborate with the workers and tools used to plug the hole
I raise myself above the chaos to send peace and love to all
I send my loving energy to those who work tirelessly to plug the hole
I send peace to the hearts of all that work to reestablish the beauty of the area
I see the hole plugged and finally closed.

Remember it is not the words, but the intent and the loving energy that is important to the process. So stay positive and pass this on to your friends and anyone you think would want to participate. We need each other to make this happen. Together we are one, together we can do!