WASHINGTON, D.C. — announced today a new and innovative Internet Radio software product being provided as a packaged toolkit for the Entertainment and Leisure marketplace. The company’s Internet Radio Station Toolkit for professionals is being introduced with several listening audiences and demographics in mind including women, teenagers, and seniors.

The product is targeted to businesses that wish to support high-quality radio and content feeder services to web portals, including online storefronts, businesses, military bases and college campuses.

The toolkit, which consists of sample deployments and source code for several web browsers and web servers, is capable of running under Macintosh and Windows XP/Vista (support also available for Linux).

AccessMusicNetwork The toolkit supports a Web 2.0 visual interface with scaleable touch-capable 3D rotational menu items. It supports robust delivery of high-quality sound for music, and even makes available on-the-fly voice recording in MPEG format to add advertising, jingles, live news and information for listeners.

A stream protection feature is also supported with a server-based retrieval solution that helps ward off freeloaders should the customer wish to enable more content control of their Internet Radio station.

The AMN Internet Radio core audio solution has been tested with thousands of concurrent users, and has sustained robustness and reliability with millions of users for over 5 years. This is supported under publicly reported Web user statistics from the U.S. Federal Government including Testimonials presented to the U.S. Congress.

For a limited time is providing a trial version online FREE of charge to its users for a period of two months. Afterwards, the toolkit will be available to purchase for $99. There is also a 2-month promotional offer of the Educational Toolkit v1.0, which is provided to qualifying schools and universities, available to purchase for $19.95. Both offers expire January 30, 2008.

The company is managed by two seasoned entrepreneurs including founder Dale Schalow, a professional audio-media engineer and programmer, who holds his BM from JMU, studied CL/NLP at Georgetown, and has worked with various artists in L.A. including David Bowie and House of Pain. Kuan-Tsae Huang is a digital media library expert who served as Vice President at IBM in charge of e-commerce implementation in New York. Dr. Huang received his Ph.D. in EECS from MIT.

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