DENVER, Colo. — “Over 100,000 key employers now hire primarily from their own websites,” according to Steve Madden at the Denver headquarters of Job Market Access Center (JMAC). “For some major firms it is the only place they will ever advertise their openings. So if you’re interested in leading firms like these, you will need access to their openings listed on employer sites, and that is what JMAC provides. We cover over 50,000 of them.” Job seekers can search by Metro Area and industry, so they can select out only those they are most interested in and best suited for. With a click or two they can be on the site, reviewing current openings and submitting their resume.

“ also has individual lists specifically for financial firms, technology firms and other special interests, as well as private firms, the fastest growing firms, and more,” Madden added. “This section can prove valuable not only for contact information and descriptions for current openings, but also for news and company statements that might signal emerging opportunities in a particular division or geographic location.”

JMAC DenverWith JMAC, job seekers can access with a click or two as much as 85% of the advertised openings suitable for them, including those from newspapers, recruiter openings, job boards, employer sites, trade magazines and other sources.

“It includes Advertised Market SuperSearch, a search engine that covers openings from many sources. So all a customer has to do is specify the titles and locations they are interested in,” added Madden.

“JMAC gives our job seekers access to as much as 85% of the advertised openings, including those from newspapers, recruiter openings, job boards, employer sites, and trade magazines. It also provides access to the unadvertised job market among employers, recruiters and growth companies.”

Additional information: or contact Steve Madden at 1-866-664-7440.

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