EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — Economic and development opportunities in West Central Wisconsin will be the focus of a formal study of the region being commissioned by Momentum Chippewa Valley (MCV), says GSP Consulting Corp. The study kicked off August 9 with a visioning session in which local leaders developed a framework for the future economic development of the region.

“Our counties and communities are implementing a process to create a results-based economic development strategy that will take into account the opportunities and achievements we have had to date, and build upon these with action steps to guide our future decision-making,” said Dan McCabe, Board president of MCV. “We are taking a major step toward leveraging our regional assets that will build a prosperous economic future.”

MCV is partnering with organizations within its member counties of Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire and Pepin. For this project, MCV will also partner with the counties of St. Croix, Pierce, Polk, Barron and Clark to create a true understanding of the regional assets available in west central Wisconsin. The study results will assist education, workforce and economic development partners in developing strategies to grow local and regional economies using resources that support innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology-led businesses.

GSP Consulting CorpThe August 9 “vision framing” session brought together economic development experts, business and academic leaders, government officials and other stakeholders from the west central region to brainstorm the region’s assets, opportunities and vulnerabilities. The goal of the interactive discussion is to provide a baseline assessment of the region, map regional goals and develop a sketch of the future goals for the region.

The project, which will take approximately 6 months, includes three phases that involve in-depth research and analysis, benchmarking, and engaging stakeholders and residents from throughout the region to develop a strategy and action plan.

MCV has retained the services of GSP Consulting Economic Architecture, a national firm with operations in Madison, where it has partnered with Hamilton Consulting to form Hamilton.GSP. GSP Consulting will be conducting a comprehensive assessment of economic development activities and opportunities in the region, which includes Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Polk, St. Croix, Pierce, Clark and Barron counties. The assessment will gauge what opportunities for growth and development are real and attainable while formulating action steps for implementation.

“We are thrilled to be working with GSP’s Economic Architecture group,” stated Mike Armstrong, Momentum Chippewa Valley Director. “The approach used by GSP is unlike any we’ve seen before and has proven to work for other regions facing the same challenges we are. At the end of the process, we will not just have a report that goes on a shelf somewhere. Rather, we will have a results-based economic development plan that can be put into action.”

Understanding economic development at the municipal, county and state levels — and then turning development opportunities into realities — is something the GSP Economic Architecture team knows well. The GSP team brings many perspectives to the table as they have worked in the public sector at all levels of government, as researchers at major universities and as leaders of economic development agencies. Their passion for economic development and strategic planning has led to millions of investment dollars and thousands of jobs created for communities all over the United States.

“So many regions struggle with how to grow their economy in a meaningful way,” said Rich Overmoyer, GSP principal and director of the Economic Architecture practice. “It’s not enough to just create jobs. It’s crucial that regions look at building future industries, developing existing technology resources and creating a knowledge-based workforce. We are excited to be involved with this project to help MCV realize success with their economic development efforts.”

For more information or to be interviewed for this project, please contact Rich Overmoyer, at 1-877-477-2677 or email at

About Momentum Chippewa Valley
Momentum Chippewa Valley is a regional economic development organization serving Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, and Pepin counties. Their mission is to develop cooperative public and private partnerships among the communities of the Chippewa Valley, by coordinating regional economic development efforts. More information about MCV can be found at

About GSP Consulting Corp.
Founded in 2001, GSP Consulting Corp. is a full service consulting firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa. Comprised of three practice areas – Federal and State Government Affairs, Development Services and Economic Architecture, the firm has successfully served hundreds of clients throughout the U.S. Since it’s founding, GSP experts have authored revolutionary public policy, designed and launched ground-breaking economic development initiatives, secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, and built longstanding relationships and networks at all levels of government.

With offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Southern United States, their diverse client portfolio includes technology, manufacturing, life sciences companies, as well as developers, municipalities, economic development agencies and non-profit organizations. In Wisconsin, GSP Consulting has partnered with Hamilton Consulting of Madison, WI, to form Hamilton.GSP. More information about GSP consulting can be found at

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