ClassiFire(R) perceptive artificial intelligence technology continuously monitors for changes

PORTLAND, Ore. — AirSense Technology, leading manufacturer of aspirating smoke detection systems, introduces to the North American market patented artificial intelligence (AI) technology for Aspirating Smoke Detectors. The unique technology employed in the AirSense Stratos Series Aspirating Smoke Detection System uses relative sensitivity to establish appropriate alarm thresholds.

Only Stratos detectors use perceptive artificial intelligence technology to automatically maintain alarm levels at optimal levels, regardless of fluctuations in normal environmental smoke density.

Among its many features, Stratos

    * Utilizes ClassiFire(R), a patented process that uses artificial intelligence.

    * Is fully automatic and does not need manual adjustment.

    * Adjusts sensitivity to day/night, occupied/unoccupied, and operational/non-operational levels with no requirements for an external trigger input.

    * Provides substantially earlier warning than fixed type aspirating systems.

    * Easily complies with agency product certification tests. that requires any system to pass defined “slow-growth” fire test.

    * Proven in tens of thousands of installations – worldwide.

Stratos smoke detectors

ClassiFire(R) allows Stratos detectors to closely adapt to the working environment, depending upon the degree of protection required, or to the type of facility being protected. The detector samples air once per second and passes smoke density information to ClassiFire(R). The detector is then able to discriminate between normal ambient pollution levels and unusual occurrences typically caused by the early development of a fire.

Stratos, among other aspirating smoke detector manufacturers, use a filter to remove the majority of dust and contaminant from the sampled air. Over time, as the filter becomes contaminated, it begins to filter out particles of combustion from reaching the detection chamber. Only Stratos is equipped with the means of sensing filter loading and responds by applying compensation through ClassiFire to prevent sensitivity reduction. It also applies a dedicated filter replacement warning before there is a possibility of reduced compensation.

Most other brands of aspirating smoke detection systems utilizing a filtration system lack the intelligence of compensating or even supervising for “true” filter loading, subjecting the system to reduced sensitivity, without warning, possibly to the extent of not detecting a fire at all.

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