State: Delaware

State: Delaware

Delaware Business News, Entertainment, and Technology News (U.S.)

State: Delaware

State: Delaware
Delaware Business News, Entertainment, and Technology News (U.S.)

Meet Delaware’s rising star: Danielle Alura – Three women from Delaware have made it to VOGUE and it’s not the three...

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Delaware is not typically known for being a fashion hub, but three incredible women from this state have made a splash in the fashion world and been featured in Vogue, one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world. "What's even more impressive, is that these three three are not the ones you would typically expect," Danielle Alura said.

Urban Fiction Author's Underground Book 'Family Tiez' Goes Widescreen in Kindle and iBooks Format

WILMINGTON, Del. /eNewsChannels/ -- On December 16, 2008, The News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware's largest local newspaper, ran a cover story with headline: Urban fiction author pleads guilty to drug trafficking: 10 counts could get the Wilmington man life in prison. This story was about Mustafaa As-Salafi, the author of 'Family Tiez' (ISBN: 978-0976224310 paperback; Level V Publishing), an underground, nationwide, bestselling novel that chronicles the story of a large-scale, illegal drug distribution enterprise in the Tri-State area.

Kubota Research Associates has developed a new P-Wave/PTIR IR Assisted Advanced Out Of Autoclave Process

HOCKESSIN, Del. /eNewsChannels/ -- Kubota Research Associates, Inc. headquartered in Hockessin, Delaware, has developed a new P-Wave/PTIR(TM) IR Assisted Advanced Out Of Autoclave process to enhance adhesion properties as well as significantly accelerate the curing speed of thermoset resin systems for installing Adhesive Bonded Fasteners (ABF) such as CLICKBOND(R) studs and standoff onto composite fuselage and metal structures.

Financial author Robert Stowe England Casts Spotlight on Mad Max Follies Behind the 2008 Financial Crisis

MILTON, Del. /eNewsChannels/ -- Financial author Robert Stowe England turned a spotlight on the role of key institutions, policies, agencies and people in Washington and on Wall Street that pushed the financial system toward the mortgage meltdown and 2008 crisis in remarks at a book signing event Nov. 5 at the Federal Street Gallery in the historic town of Milton, Delaware.

George Products Company Updates Features of its OASIS Inspection System

MIDDLETOWN, Del. -- Industry leaders frustrated with high cost of inspection: push for speed in the quality department without sacrificing accuracy or adding complexity. These days, equipment is only as good as the software that runs it. According to Erik Adams, of George Products Company, 'Customers don't want a collection of parts; they want a turn-key solution to their inspection problems that includes powerful software to drive the system.'

WebMail Pro available in free 5-user License from AfterLogic Corporation

NEWARK, Del. -- AfterLogic Corporation ( today made available for free download a fully functional version of its very popular webmail application, WebMail Pro,...

Version 2.1 of the Chemistry Labacus(R) Mobile Laboratory Assistant Released

WILMINGTON, Del. -- Abacalab, Inc. releases Version 2.1 of the Chemistry Labacus(R) mobile laboratory assistant for chemists. Labacus(R) fills a key gap in laboratory information management between the notebook or desktop computer and the physical laboratory environment where chemistry actually happens.