ORLANDO, Fla. — Instant water temperature readings while running a boat at full speed or trolling for offshore game fish is now reality, as NorCross Marine Products, a leader in the development of innovative marine electronics, introduces its Infrared Marine Thermometer SP. The Infrared Marine Thermometer is one of three products introduced by the company, including its SkierAlert SP and Sonic Laser Scale.

The handheld SP allows its user to pinpoint the optimal water temperature for any fishing habitat, without the traditional one-minute delay from products currently on the market. The SP delivers instant temperature readings of any surface by simply aiming the laser pointer at the desired target. Temperature readings will appear within 1/2-second, and will continue to update four times per second until the button is released.

The SP features a large LCD screen, showing readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The 8-ounce unit measures temperatures from 0-400 degrees Fahrenheit. The non-contact technology measures temperatures without touching the surface, and can operate in extreme cold or hot temperatures.

Marine Thermometer The SP is great for fishing, but is also useful for measuring power head, block and riser temperatures, or detecting circulation problems. Boaters can use the SP to check trailer brakes and bearings to ensure proper lubrication.

The SP floats, is waterproof and comes standard with a two-year warranty. The MSRP of the Infrared Marine Thermometer SP is $89.99.

The Infrared Marine Thermometer SP can be found at sporting goods or marine supply retailers nationwide, by calling toll free to 888-NorCross, or by visiting

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