Tribes of Americas Oceandance in Mexico

On December 12, the Azteca, Cherokee and Apaches in Puerto Vallarta joyously led an oceandance on Los Muertos pier in gratitude for humanity’s Paris victories: 200 UN countries signing an accord toward saving Earth for the Children by limiting global warming to 2°C-3.6°F now, and shifting from fossils fuels to renewables by 2050, with a goal of 1.5°C that scientists say is critical to prevent catastrophes.

Cover Photo (above) Courtesy Danza Aramara. Center rt: Azteca Itzin Yolotl in black and his Danza Aramara joined Cherokee Phil Kerr and others in a solidarity oceandance in Puerto Vallarta to give gratitude for the Paris Victory, and healing our oceans.

Shift Network’s founder Steven Dinan said, “Although the agreement may not be perfect, and the hard work of implementation is still ahead, the fact that the global community reached consensus on an ambitious climate change framework is truly a milestone worth celebrating — for ourselves, for the entire community of life on Earth, and for our great, great, grandchildren. Hallelujah!”

Our Native American Olympic Team Foundation has identified the seven most brilliant solutions from Paris and the funding sources that could make the 1.5°C goal possible on behalf of the World’s youth. And given the significant amount of carbon, snow, glaciers and shorelines this will save NOW, WE could conceivably make it happen within five years, which would save trillions.

What sparked our oceandance was also the “Apocalyptic Die-Off of 337 whales in Chile” during the Paris Summit, (followed by an unprecedented number of Sea Lions dying in California). So we wanted to wake up humanity to help restore our Fukushima-poisoned oceans, by compassionately directing and anchoring in some of Paris’ jubilant vibes on Dec 12.

We wanted our oceans to also feel the tsunamis of love from 12 days of pilgrimages/parades in communities across Mexico honoring their Nature-loving Mother, Lady of Guadeloupe. On Dec 12, 1531 this beautiful Lady cloaked in pink like dawn, appeared to Azteca Juan Diego and left her image on his apron, and he became a great compassionate leader.

This was our team’s way to give back after receiving a gift of LIFE from Vallarta miraculously surviving Patricia, the fiercest hurricane ever, through some phenomenal prayer power breakthroughs.

Mother Earth’s tears for the whales rained down on our hour long ocean ceremony with drumming, rattles, and copal smoke, calling in our spirit helpers and a handful of other multi-cultural bravehearts.

My Apache and Cherokee advisors, Valerie Nunez and Olivia Ellis, who guided our surviving Patricia after ending California’s 7 year drought in 2004, suggested the ceremony. PV’s iconic fisherman Phil Kerr partnered with Azteca Itzin Yolotl and his Danza Aramara, (whom I dance with), and shared spirited prayers, dances and songs. Itzin’s wife Mayahuel led us in a song she wrote to the whales with her angelic voice at the end of the pier. And Carlos VonHauske, my co-founder of Vallarta Saludable (A & P), which sponsored this, added love songs on his flute.

So the tears of Mother Earth and Guadeloupe were also of joy that humanity chose survival at Paris! Olivia remarked what loving patience Mother Earth and the whales have given us. And along with dolphins and sea lions, the whales lift the vibration of all Life here.

We blessed all those who contributed, especially the U.N. and executive director of the Climate Accord Angelica Fuentes, the French hosts, Canada, the Indigenous, 15 yr old Xiuh Martinez’ Earthguardians in 100 countries, Climate groups like Al Gore’s, leaders of islands, ports and snowsports fighting for their lives, and Bill McKibben’s’s marches, and all the students and teachers who rallied the world’s universities and institutions to Divest $3.4 trillion from fossil fuels investments to clean energy.

Divestment funds are especially important considering the G7 at Paris only pledged to chip in around a billion to assist developing countries and the Indigenous who did the least but will suffer most from carbon leaders China and US, unless we start shifting NOW, not later. And while Secretary Kerry called Climate Change America’s “No. 1 Threat”, Huffpost exposed that the “U.S. Fund to Fight Global Climate Change Is Less Than Annual Payout to a Single For-Profit College.” While other countries have free tuition, this was supposed to reduce student loans. NOT!

Given the Washington Times: NASA-funded study says modern society doomed, like the dodo … “within decades unless the world learns to share more and distribute resources more evenly,” we blessed India’s brilliant model pledge to provide “access to renewables for their 150 million energy poor.”

The above leaders together amassed six million signatures calling for climate action by governments, and if they don’t We the World MUST get the planet down to 1.5 C. So here are 7 major ways We the World CAN easily achieve that with or without our governments, and by embracing all seven doable solution, conceivably in 5 years.

You can be a hero for all this by heroicly forwarding these comprehensive solutions to the universities and institutions in your region to prioritize the Divestment funding. Together these steps can save the snow and glaciers in your region now, not when it is too late in 2050. So bless you for helping restore our complex miraculous Earth Mother through urging them to:

  1. Invest in shifting the world’s ski areas where the weather/ precipitation mainly comes from for regions, to clean energy, as well as Native Ski programs and clean energy to keep the poor tribes from freezing to death to be able to continue to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas and their regions for 55 years.
  2. To also prevent the civilization collapse, by investing in developing countries having clean energy NOW to save billions not having to fund infrastructures for dirty electricity and then renewables. Over a billion poor have no electricity.
  3. Invest in campaigns and World youth groups to ensure their survival by watching governments like a hawk be sure to shift subsidies from fossil fuels to big tax breaks so the 99% of Americans (who pay most the taxes) and other countries, can afford to shift to renewables NOW, and get all the help they need to do so.
  4. Invest in public awareness campaigns to reduce meat eating (while improving health) since “cattle are 28% of the Earth’s greenhouse gases!”
  5. Raising awareness how Climatologists say China can reduce the melting of the Tibetan Plateau’s glaciers -1/3 of planet – for humanity.
  6. Raise awareness on how we can greatly restore our oceans and Mother Earth through the Ancient Wisdom of the Tribes and prayer power breakthroughs. Plus provide funds to spread jubiliant ocean, rain and snowdances and
  7. Raise awareness that war is the greatest cause of global warming and humanity needs to heal each other with funding for outreaches and People to People exchanges, that demonstrate our Christ, Allah, Buddha… consciousness.

So we blessed Rick Ulfik, founder of We, The World, for his event to de-escalate conflict instead of increasing it through an inspiring live broadcast Thursday, December 24th at 11:35pm Eastern Time or Online.

Plus Shift’s Nichol who called on Americans to do more outreaches that heal our Native Americans from the genocide, including their “Healing our Hearts at Wounded Knee” world webcast ceremony on Dec 29th. Nichol says this helps “create a peaceful sustainable world.” JFK had urged us to heal our “National Wound and study the wisdom of our tribes” 55 years ago,, which our foundation’s skiers-led Native programs have been doing for 20 years. (

Bottom line, these $3.4 trillion in Divestment investments will keep producing profits, in addition to quadrillions of other investments around the world by shifting to renewables, if our civilization is still intact by compassionately sharing with the have nots, who daily give priceless healing gratitude to Mother Earth.


I am proud that my fellow 100 Olympians with “Protect our Winters” finally got Washington to consider snowmelt a critical water source for drinking and crops of their regions, after California’s drought. Therefore, since the precipitation for each region mainly comes from the mountains, and pollution interferes with natural precipitation, it is very important that ski areas have clean energy, say the Elders.

Through thousands of ski areas globally shifting to clean energy NOW, it will significantly slow down the melting of all our snow and glaciers, and preserve our shorelines. My brother Kim Chaffee, who was captain of Harvard’s winningest ski team, strongly agrees, and he raised the funds for their Divestment video that helped it snowball to universities and institutions globally.

During the World Climate Summit Panel, snowsports leaders united and made some HUGE progress thanks to Powder Magazine, POW’s Olympians, renewable energy leaders, and The Climate Reality Project’s I Am Pro Snow program. They announced their “100 percent renewable campaign aiming to get 20 or more towns, ski resorts, and businesses to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.” This was fortified by NY’s Governor Cuomo announcing last week, “A major deal with Gore, Belleayre, and Whiteface resorts that will power their lifts and snowmaking operations with solar energy, because it will save $14 million in the next 25 years.” That is role model government spending!

Like the Accord, this campaign was an important springboard, but most ski areas cannot afford to shift NOW or 2030, despite saving millions on snowmaking, their biggest expense. Porter Fox’s “Powder at Paris” story revealed that half of our Eastern mountains will be closed within 30 years and NSAA’s (National Ski Area Association) NRDC study said that the (rest of the) snow on America’s mountains would be mainly gone by the end of the century, unless there is an intervention.

So isn’t shifting 20 U.S. ski resorts (out America’s 350) by 2030 too little too late, like the accord, to extend our snow into the next century?

So here is that emergency intervention that 350’s McKibben will likely heartily encourage (when he gets a little rest) because he understands ski areas. His nearby Vt Middlebury College Snow Bowl was the first Zero Carbon ski area thanks to students partnering with Native Energy.

Since shifting takes time and money, all the ski area executives I spoke to from the big conglomerates to the mom and pops like Buena Venture in Minnesota, were happy to hear of these possible divestment funding opportunities. And that Jamie Schechtman, founder of Mountainriders Alliance, who was spotlighted by NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes and Powder Magazine for helping Maine’s Mt Abram Ski Area shift to solar last year, has happily agreed to assist ski areas streamline making this transition. (See Mt Abram solar photo in above Powder Mag link)

Since the world is experiencing the warmest years in history, here is the other half of this snow intervention that can together save trillions in catastrophic weather, war and displacement/refuge costs.

Renewable energy projects have never ended droughts immediately, like the Native American Elders-led Snowdances have for 55 years. Yet the Elders say that the emergency snowdances are band-aids and we must stop poisoning the mountains with fossil fuel smog and chem trails ASAP. This plan also needs to provide the Indigenous of your region in the US, Australia and Canada access to clean energy, like India, so the gifted Elders, often the poorest without electricity, can survive this cold winter to continue to lead these priceless emergency snow, rain and oceandances, said Olivia.


We also gave gratitude to all those who participated in the unified marches, lobbying and prayers to bringing an end to this fossil fuel era, so clean energy can heal the planet. It took the combined force of the global Shift Network’s Opening Invocation, the Indigenous Elders, Mexico City’s World Peace Meditation, Pope Francis and the Aetherius Society prayer releases that saved Vallarta. How Amazing Grace Spared Puerto Vallarta from Patricia’s Wrath The Elders say the more you give gratitude to Creator, Mother Earth and Her Nature spirits, the more we are blessed, including with snow and rain, as I have witnessed for over 20 years.

Olivia praised Nichol’s powerful Paris invocation prayer because it was universal and multi-dimensional, similar to many Indigenous. In our solidarity prayer by phone before the oceandance, Olivia gave gratitude to our universal family of helpers, and on behalf of all those who are too sick, struggling, addicted or distracted, so they were included in helping heal Mother Earth and each other, which gives them a prayer bounce.


We thanked the 192 UN countries for listening to Indigenous leaders and recognizing in 2009 that Mother Earth is an advanced compassionate Being and we are all interconnected to Her. And in 2012 on their 4th International Mother Earth Day (on Earth Day), the consensus was that the key to regenerating Mother Earth is a combination of green energy and the Ancient Wisdom of the tribes” – so both physically and spiritually.

That was brilliantly reinforced by the Shift Network’s global webcasts of Indigenous Wisdom, before, during and after Paris. Hear the life lifting wisdom of the Elders collected over 40 years by Lakota Chief Phil Lane: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Life: How Sacred Principles Can Transform Your Life & Our World. He basically shared how to have a love affair with Mother Earth so we naturally passionately protect Her.


This kind of unity is helping humanity remember how all of our ancestors revered Mother Earth and gave Her loving appreciation for all Her gifts daily like the Indigenous. Our ancestors also revered the stars, our Universal Family, like the Paris Invocation, which accelerates healing Mother Earth spiritually and physically.

The Elders say that She has absorbed all of the negative energy of the wars, genocides, pollution, explosions, clear-cutting and thoughts, which need to be released especially around this 2012 “purification” cycle, through droughts, fires, floods, hurricanes and freaky weather. OR this negative energy can be diffused or purified through outreaches that heal each other’s hearts and therefore Mother Earth’s and Her weather. Which way is more cost-effective and enjoyable?


We blessed China for remembering their great ancient wisdom and listening to climatologists and Tibet’s Plea: Fix The Roof Of The World Before It’s Too Late, so they can together greatly slow down the melting of the Tibetan Plateau glaciers, their water source and 1.3 billion other Asians. Since it is 1/3 the world’s glaciers/refrigerator it is also critical for humanity. Climatologists say by stopping the removal of Tibetan Nomads and returning them to the land will rebalance the Plateau.

So China, the billions you are spending on renewables cannot slow the melting as much as learning from the mistakes of the U.S. and Australia. After removing our Indigenous from their ancestral mountains our countries have had the most fires and droughts (UN), which are heating our atmosphere, says Harvard, and prematurely melting our snow.

Therefore, by returning Native Americans and Aborigines to their beloved ancestral mountains through our Native ski programs and providing them access to clean energy, they can better heal our lands and restore naturally abundance snow and rains. See more details: Native News: Opinion: $3.4 Trillion ‘Divestments’ can get Ski Areas and Tribes Clean Energy to Extend Snow and Shorelines.

We thanked Creator and compassionate ski leaders for helping these Native ski programs snowball to 80 ski areas and over 10,000 youth across North America, plus Thredbo in Australia to heal hearts and weather.

Yet our programs are drying up from government cutbacks to the tribes that are in such dire shape that they cannot afford the gas to programs, some free but most we negotiated to be less than the public school program. This year the NY Times reported “an unprecedented number of suicides” (over 100 attempts) in South Dakota, plus girls being trafficked, from hopelessness. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Struggles With Suicides Among … See Diane Sawyer’s ABC Special of the shocking poverty at the Pine Ridge Lakota reservation: Hidden America: Children of the Plains – YouTube

Our snowsports programs have been found to do the most to help prevent suicides and lift lives, and with the help of angels our Native American Olympic Team Foundation has programs ready to start in January for the 7 highest suicide and trafficked reservations in the Midwest and Dakotas.

This cross-continental weather solution happened thanks to the wonderful gifted Aborigines, led by Linda Kimber from the Australian Indigenous Alpine Sports Foundation ( – including a member of their National Press Club), contacting us. They wanted to do a beautiful exchange “to prevent suicides and create positive outcomes.”

We recommend the Divestment funding (and others) replicate the shining model of Thredbo of donating 20 season’s pass packages (tickets, lessons, rentals)plus gas to their nearest tribal youth (which they can share). This is similar to the generosity of Ski Sunlight near Aspen and Washington’s Stevens Pass, thanks to John Gifford, who as President also of the Washington Ski Areas Assoc, “highly recommended it” to other GMs since it enhance snow.

There are 506 ski areas in the U.S. and about 350 in Canada and 9 in Australia, totaling about 900. In so doing, we could be spreading joy to a significant number of tribal youth and Elders each season across the mountain chains of the U.S., Canada and Australia, which could enhance ideal weather and slow the melting of our snow and glaciers. Together with China returning Tibet’s Nomads, we can enhance snow, glaciers, water and harmony decades.


Bless universities like Indiana and Stanford and worldwide for already providing students with this LIFE-saving Ancient wisdom. Stanford has environmental exchanges with the Hawaiians, Maori and Native Americans. Elders like Seneca Robert-John Knapp speak at Universities and Parliaments around the world, and in 2008 convinced Pope Benedict to declare, “It is a sin to poison the water.” Iroquois Faithkeeper Oren Lyons convinced the Prime Minister of Sweden to shift from nuclear to renewable energy and they have the highest standard of living, also thanks to nearly equal female leadership and peace loving ways. (my ancestors…).

In his “Planetary Shift” webcast during Paris, Nichol praised the wisdom of Women, Indigenous and the Rainbow Tribe – the formerly oppressed – whose amazing energy is healing the planet and lifting poor countries thru Girl power. We were honored that on December 11, Nichol sent us a note wanting to connect.


“Arnold Schwarzenegger Told the World at Paris to Stop Eating Meat to Save the Planet” So we thanked the world’s moms in advance for being Earth heroes and raising healthier families right NOW through reducing meat consumption, since “28% of the greenhouse gasses come from eating meat from raising cattle,” said Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. He is making amends to Mother Earth…, by admitting he used to say that “‘if I can’t eat meat, then you might as well put me down.’ Now I eat plant-based protein and rarely eat meat and my mind and body both feel better. I can think more clearly and I have way more energy.”


The Elders say giving love and appreciation to Mother Earth and Her oceans, Neptune, and ancestral spirits, in our oceandance raises the vibration of the waters, which purifies them. Japan’s late water guru, Dr. Emoto demonstrated this in helping communities around the world clear their contaminated waters, often with Indigenous. He also showed that giving water love and appreciation creates beautiful snowflakes, while sending hate energy creates grotesque ones in his NY Times Bestseller, “Messages from Water.”

This oceandance turned out to also be a critical way to welcome home Vallarta’s Humpbacks from Alaska with clearer, healthier, cooler water to protect their babies. Itzcax said they have not all arrived here, and none had entered Banderas Bay because our waters are still too warm from Climate Change. Since our magnificent whales are a big tourist draw here and in all ports, knowing this will inspire more ACTION to protect them: By boats staying under 25 mph in mating-birthing zones, and recycling plastics since whale and human babies have no resistance to its petroleum toxins related to diabetes.


Hurricane Patricia and Paris showed us that together we have the power to transform our oceans back to vibrant aqua blue for our children. Tahiti became the “Most Romantic Destination” on the Discovery Channel for their hotels hosting oceandances at sunset, which “feed the soul.”

To carry on Dr. Emoto’s work of heart, and with the encouragement of UN Sustainability officer, Marie Mercedes Sanchez (Nicaragua) to spread these multi-cultural oceandances worldwide, we prayed and thanked the world’s ports and villages in advance for regularly hosting these joyful ceremonies. Indigenous groups, which also dance for President of many countries, are available to help.

The University of Guadalajara’s renowned Meteorologist Victor Cornejo wants to study these phenomena, including after 10 whales with babies came to our whale protection ceremony on the pier and jumped for joy in the high-vibed clear waters for an unprecedented three days. Mexico’s ‘UN Compassion Week’ Oceandance inspires Whale … Miracle! See docu:


Gratitude snowdances similarly raise the vibration of the mountains, which purify them and restore precipitation cycles. That is why Stanford’s 2007 Nobel Prize winner Climatologist, Dr. Stephen Schneider, in 2008, praised and urged more ski areas to share the joy of skiing through hosting programs, since they lift their youth and inspire the Elders to lead emergency snowdances that have saved U.S. ski areas from droughts for 55 years.

Powder Mag uncovered in their 2014 that Walt Disney, (whose films honored Nature spirits), pioneered the first cross-cultural snowdance that saved the1960 Squaw Valley Olympics. Ms. Sanchez first encouraged our Native American Olympic Team Foundation to also spread our “Snowdance Phenomena” documentary, co-produced by Australian Nick Pasquale, to inspire communities worldwide. 50 countries want to air it as soon as we get editing assistance. Photo script available and here’s research

Coincidentally, Dr. Emoto chose Dr. Nemoto, a biologist, to continue his work, and wants to “call on beings in higher dimensions to amplify their intentions” to help reduce Fukushima’s radiation and all pollution on Earth. Italy’s Reicki Schools want to do a collaborative event with Emoto’s team this May, to reduce the radiation. And since Dr. Emoto loved the healing vibes of music, they just hosted an International Concert giving love and gratitude for Peace and their “Day of Ocean” with the great musicians in Tokyo.

Thanks to We the World, December 12, 2015 miraculously spelled the beginning of humanity leaving 80% of the fossil fuels, “Mother Earth’s blood,” in the ground, and shifting to renewables. That can happen ONLY IF WE continue this level of activism, watchdogging, and agreeing and supporting solutions.

Below is the amazing prayer that Valerie was given to heal her family, and later found it also helps remove blocks in our DNA, including of some world leaders, so their hearts can receive love and then give love to the people through their actions.

Vallarta’s oceandance came to an end with a rousing friendship circle dance that spirals the prayers to the heavens along with blowing the conch, and then honoring the Four Directions of Life. Phil passed around a crystal to put all of our prayers into, since crystals have memory like water, as Dr. Emoto proved, to give as an offering to the whales, Mother Ocean, Neptune…

I got choked up trying to say that I wanted to make sure that the lives of each of those whales who died during the Paris Summit would not be wasted, and gave gratitude that through our oceandance and story we could wake up humanity. At dusk, we gave fruit and flower offerings to our beloved oceans and whales.

By your heroicly forwarding these 7 main solutions to universities and institutions in your regions to prioritize Divestment funding to save your region, starting with ski areas in 2016, along with governments like NY State, solarizing ski areas, and giving big tax incentives like European countries so all citizens can get clean energy, we could get the global thermostat down to 1.5 C conceivably in 5 years. Especially if it is supported with our prayer power, including to heal our oceans. That is America’s best shot at extending our snow and glaciers, along with alpine countries and shorelines worldwide, as we are all interconnected.

We later learned that in Paris on Dec 12, 10,000 took to the streets with flowers and a prayer for all the victims of Climate Change and terrorism, led by the Indigenous, in the biggest Civil Disobedience March ever. Xiuh’s Earth Guardians joined former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and leadership from 350, Avaaz, Climate Action Network International, Earth Day Network, Greenpeace, and Sierra Club to heroicly deliver more than 6.2 million signatures to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon with a clear message that if governments don’t come up with solutions to get to 1.5° C NOW, then We the World will.

Here are some achievements WE made in’s “The Rest is up to Us” video that made me cry with joy, anger and determination.

December 12 will be remembered in history for being the miraculous day that our Human Family chose survival, and the positive vibes at COP21 (and our oceandance), are growing into “an unstoppable force of nature,” say the Shift Subtle Activation leaders. We the World are joyfully bringing in the prophesied glorious New Dawn for all Mother Earth’s children!


DNA Prayer for the Ocean, Whales and World Leaders:

“God breathes new life into Mother Earth, and all of her resources, her water, her oceans and all life under the water, the plants and trees, her air, her soil, her children, and all life on her back. And Mother Earth and all life on her back are open and receptive to the healings and blessings of the Creator of all there is!”

May you be safe.
May your body be strong and vital.
May you truly be at peace.
May you and everyone you love prosper
May you be at ease.
God Bless you many times over!
–Valerie Nunez



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Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee Bio - as first woman on the USOC board in the 70s, she led the successful reform of the Olympic Rules with Legends like Bill Bradley, Muhammad Ali, Jack Kelly, Kip Keino, which leveled the playing fields with the government supported countries through Madison Ave, then led the Title IX March in DC. In 1996 she co-founded the Native American Olympic Team Foundation that has inspired ski areas across the US and Canada to invite tribal youth to share the joy of skiing with over 10,000 youth, which inspires their Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from droughts for 55 years. At the request of SLOC, she orchestrated a snowdance that restored their snow and also a Native ceremony with Ali, that protected Utah from expected terrorism, and every Olympics since then, including RIO!