website for job huntingNEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ — With employment slowly picking up in 2011, a survey shows that there are still very few job seekers using websites to market and promote their skills – when they certainly should be. “Using a website to market experience and skills can drastically impact your job search,” Robert J. Gerberg, CEO of SET, said. “And not only does it give employers an easy and convenient way to find out more about you, it also shows them that you’re capable of using technology to your advantage.”

A survey performed by SET Personal Marketing shows that less than 2 percent out of the thousands surveyed use websites to sell their skills, abilities and experience to potential employers.

With software that is both easily available and affordable, creating a personal marketing website is extremely easy, Gerberg said, and it adds greater depth to what an employer can learn about you beyond your resume (

What should a website for job hunting contain? Job experts and researchers at SET say it should contain the following:

* The first page should be a summary, providing interested parties brief information about the job hunter and their areas of expertise. Name and contact information should be clearly posted at the top. Then the appropriate positions an applicant is seeking should be highlighted, always implementing keywords employers might search for.

* Menus on the site should be made available to allow employers access to view experience, education and prior positions held. Each of these sections should be separate and easy to access.

* A full, current resume should be provided, and the option to download and print it should also be available.

* Job seekers should make sure their website doesn’t contain Adobe Flash or other technology certain people may not be able to access. Instead, HTML should be used to make the site simple and accessible to all.

* A photograph is best avoided and only necessary in special situations, such as entertainment industries.

“With something as simple as a compelling e-mail, websites like this can be used to respond to ads quickly, and they surely impress employers,” Gerberg said. “Putting them on resumes and business cards allow for an immediate and easy way to find out more about an applicant.”

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