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Jordan Etem Networks: Versatile Engagement and Versatile Collaboration in a Post-Pandemic World

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Fear not, we're going to get through this. Every time society has been tested, we've risen to the challenge, says Jordan Etem, founder of Jordan Etem Networks. We've experienced some major setbacks from unforeseen forces before. Coronavirus is a test on the healthcare system, locally, regionally, and nationally. It also is a test on responsiveness and response systems.

New FeelU is simple to use mobile messaging app allowing students to communicate with their school psychologists and counselors with anonymity

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- "Depression, isolation, bullying, anxiety, suicides, and school shootings are more prevalent today than ever before," says the 17-year-old high school junior and the co-founder of FeelU, Amaan Jiwani.