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Out In Left Publishing announces new book by Daniel Printz, 'Sand Pail City'

ROANOKE, Va. /eNewsChannels/ -- Out In Left Publishing announced this week its second novel, 'Sand Pail City' (ISBN-10: 098-3289212), authored by Daniel Printz.

New Science Fiction Novel, Sextopia, Invites Reader to a Ravaged World Seeking Sexual Salvation

ROANOKE, Va. /eNewsChannels/ -- Out in Left Publishing announced this week the launch of a new science fiction novel, 'Sextopia' (ISBN: 978-0983289203). Authored by Daniel Printz, 'Sextopia' focuses on a future world, devastated by bloodshed that is transformed by two prominent and influential men who take the small, remaining population and devise a system where everyone is governed by the original sin.