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Tag: DashBook Royalty Pro

DashBook Royalty Pro updated: Distribute Royalty Reports via the Cloud

HOUSTON, Texas /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Financial Softworks, LLC today announced release of their latest enhancements to DashBook Royalty Pro, and it makes creation and distribution of royalty reports cover the broad range needs of many different businesses. Although DashBook could upload reports to Box and Google Drive before, the new support for local synchronizing folders provides complete flexibility in choosing a preferred cloud service.

DashBook Software Extends Integration to Calculate Royalties with QuickBooks Data

HOUSTON, Texas /eNewsChannels/ -- Financial Softworks, LLC today announced the release of the latest enhancements to their popular DashBook Royalty Pro system, which now includes the ability to directly create royalty checks or bill payments within Intuit QuickBooks, with special emphasis on book publishers, record labels, and music publishers and distributors.