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Science-Based Kidney Supplement, KIDNEY RESTORE, Helping 50,000+ To Support Good Kidney Health

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- This scientific kidney supplement offers exceptional benefits to support good kidney health and paves the way for normal kidney function. Robert Galarowicz, a kidney sufferer and the founder of Healthy Kidney Inc., has created a breakthrough natural kidney remedy by combining the very best of kidney-restorative nutrients.

ZyCal has partnered with Jill Brown, a Los Angeles based Fitness Professional to donate $300K in Bone and Joint Health Products

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Inc. is an innovative, bone and joint specialty company that manufactures and markets ultra-premium supplements. The organization holds more than 10 years of experience in developing innovative products that healthcare professionals can use to support their patients' active lifestyles and promote healthy bone and joint health.