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White House Petition to Help Legalize Ferrets in California launched by LegalizeFerrets.org

LA MESA, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ -- Legalize Ferrets announces new White House petition to help legalize ferrets in California. Over the past 25 years California ferret lovers have worked diligently to catch up to the rest of the 48 continental states to have our right for legal ferret ownership.

LegalizeFerrets.org says Fish and Game Dept. Treats California Ferret Enthusiasts as Pests, Not Citizens

LA MESA, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ -- According to LegalizeFerrets.org, the Department of Fish and Game has put impossible restrictions on the ferret legalization process. 'We're going by the book - but they're ripping pages out from under us. Would California tolerate that behavior from any other Department?' says Pat Wright, of LegalizeFerrets.

California Ferret Lovers to Meet in Concord for Political Action Event as New Ferret Research is Released from Sacramento State University

LA MESA, Calif. -- A press conference has been announced for Noon on Saturday, Sept. 25th by LegalizeFerrets, calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to lift the ferret ban before he leaves office and asking (again) the respective Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman campaigns to address the issue.

Ferrets Anonymous to California: It's Long Past Time to Legalize Ferrets!

LA MESA, Calif. -- According to Ferrets Anonymous, legalizing pet ferrets affects hundreds of thousands of Californians, even though many citizens may be unfamiliar with the State's 77-year-old ferret ban. The California Veterinary Medical Association has long agreed that pet ferrets should be legal.