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It Can Be Easier to Plan for Long Term Care if We Face Our Personal Concerns Up Front, says ACSIA

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Last year the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services issued a report about Americans' concerns and actions related to long-term care (LTC), also referred to as long-term services and supports (LTSS). "The main takeaway was not the particulars of the responses, in our view," says Denise Gott, CEO of ACSIA Partners. "It was the fact that participants considered and faced the issues."
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William Reyes Joins Wholesale Trading Insurance Services (WTIS), a JenCap Holdings Company

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Wholesale Trading Insurance Services, LLC (WTIS) announced today that industry veteran William Reyes has joined the firm as Director/Casualty Broker in Laguna Niguel, Calif.; he will work in conjunction with the firm's principal office in San Francisco.

LTC Trust and Planning: Pick Your Long-Term Care Agent Carefully, Advises ACSIA Partners

NEWS: (KIRKLAND, Wash.) The best way to buy long-term care insurance is through an independent agent, according to many experts. But agents vary. How do you pick a professional who is right for you? 'We recommend asking six key questions,' says Denise Gott, CEO of ACSIA Partners, one of America's largest long-term care insurance agencies.

Do-It-Yourself Long-Term Care Can Have High Hidden Costs says LTC Insurance Leader

NEWS: (KIRKLAND, Wash.) Rate increases by some long-term care insurance carriers should not scare people off, according to Denise Gott. 'Even if a particular policy's premium seems high,' she says, 'it may be a bargain compared to the alternative, family caregiving.' Gott is CEO of ACSIA Partners, one of the nation's largest long-term care insurance agencies.

The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ:CG) Acquires Wholesale Trading Co-op Insurance Services

NEWS: (SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) Wholesale Trading Co-op Insurance Services, a privately-held wholesale insurance specialist serving a group of leading retail insurance brokers, announced today that The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ:CG) has agreed to acquire a majority stake in wholesale insurance broker JenCap Holdings, LLC and the assets of Wholesale Trading Co-Op Insurance Services, which will be re-named Wholesale Trading Insurance Services, LLC.
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2016 Tax Deductions Make Long-Term Care Insurance More Affordable for Many says ACSIA Partners

NEWS: (KIRKLAND, Wash.) If you're in the market for long-term care insurance, you may be suffering from sticker shock. 'The cost may seem out of reach,' says Denise Gott. 'Many people feel this way, so they put off protecting themselves. That's a shame, because in their case, Uncle Sam may pick up part of the tab.' Gott is CEO of ACSIA Partners, one of the nation's largest long-term care insurance agencies.

ACSIA Partners Grows by Highlighting Productivity Benefits and Providing Custom Outreach Education Program for Each Employer

KIRKLAND, Wash. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Today ACSIA Partners, one of America's largest long-term care (LTC) insurance agencies, reports 2014 sales of approximately $5 Million for its Worksite Division, up 100 percent from 2013. 'Double in just one year! For us, that's huge,' says Dan Cahn, Senior Vice President, who heads the worksite operation.

This Holiday Season Could Be the Merriest Ever Says Industry Leader ACSIA Partners

KIRKLAND, Wash. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: If you're 50-plus, Denise Gott has some holiday advice for you. 'Consider giving yourself the gift of long-term care insurance,' she says. 'It just might lift your spirits during the gift-giving season.' Gott is CEO of ACSIA Partners, a leader in long-term care planning.

DOGMA: Christine Pazdalski, owner of Puppy Love LLC, says too many dog lovers don’t know how to train their pups

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: You can teach an old dog new tricks (as well as their owners), says Christine Pazdalski, owner of Puppy Love, LLC in Pennsylvania. She says that while most people are familiar with conventional dog training doctrine, it does not have to be the only 'dogma' out there.

MorVest Capital LLC has closed another mortgage servicing rights (MSR) credit facility for a Virginia company

DALLAS, Texas /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: MorVest Capital, LLC, in concert with its funding partner Customers Bank (NASDAQ:CUBI), today announced that this week it has closed another mortgage servicing rights (MSR) credit facility for a Virginia company, adding to its growing tally. MorVest Capital is a boutique investment firm primarily focused on providing capital and strategic solutions to the mortgage banking and residential finance industry.