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M3 Can Prevent Misdiagnosis of Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorders

BETHESDA, Md. /eNewsChannels/ -- M3 congratulates David Grant PhD and his team at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research for their landmark November 2011 study outlining California's unmet Mental Health needs. Consistent with an earlier nationwide survey, this new study found that only half of Californians with mental illness receive treatment, while just one in four receives adequate treatment.

M3Clinician: The first scientifically-valid Behavioral Health Portal for Primary Care, Specialty Practices and the Patient-centered Medical Home

BETHESDA, Md. /eNewsChannels/ -- M3Clinician, the evidenced-based behavioral health portal, allows patients to take the screen using the Apple iPad; provides the clinician immediate clinical decision support at the point of care.

First Validated iPhone Medical App for Depression and Anxiety Provides Connectionfor People Displaying Suicidal Thoughts

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- M-3 Information entered the smart phone application environment by offering the M-3 Checklist, a scientifically validated screen for depression and anxiety disorders, at the iTunes store on Friday, April 30, 2010. Adapted from M-3 Information's existing mymoodmonitor.com Web site, this mobile version, called mym3, provides the same validated mental health questionnaire optimized for smart phones.