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Lee Moses Exhibits Photographic Art ‘Through My Lens’ at Randsburg Art Gallery in Calif. Ghost Town

RANDSBURG, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: The Randsburg Art Gallery is extremely proud to announce the opening of the Lehman Moses Photographic Exhibit 'Through My Lens' on June 27 and 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Originally from Philadelphia, Pa., Lee has taken the art of photography to the highest of professional levels. Using medium format film cameras, Lee owns the entire creative process for his most impressive work.

Randsburg Art Gallery ‘Goes Rogue’ to support all world-class artists

RANDSBURG, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Randall 'Hoot' Smith, owner of the Randsburg Art Gallery in California, today announced his rogue vision of promoting world class artists. 'I know this is hard to believe from an art gallery owner but I think that artists deserve 100 percent of the value of their art! Yes, that's right, 100 percent,' says 'Hoot.'