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Musical artist Isaias Aguilar from Minnesota (Iseny), has a clear vision for the future of rising record label Icy Musicc Entertainment

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- The 17-year old musical artist Isaias Aguilar from Minnesota, known as Iseny, has a clear vision for the future of his love for music as he chases his dream to build his record label Icy Musicc Entertainment.

New Album, ‘Soul In Exile Redux’ from The Hesh Inc. Announced

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Independent record label tHinc. Records is excited to announce the release of the latest album from The Hesh Inc., "Soul In Exile Redux," available online everywhere on Jan. 28, 2022. The Hesh Inc. is a NJ/NY-based act led by singer-songwriter Heshy Rosenwasser (best known by his online moniker Hesh Meister), performing songs about exile, redemption, beach towns in the off season, and finding one's place in the world.

Breaking Hits App Cranks Up the Volume on Amplified Authentic Opinions in the Music Industry for Fans and Business

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Breaking Hits, an organized aggregator of an authentic opinion App, is ramping up to launch its pilot program. The first will focus on the Super Bowl and the second on Valentine's Day. Both will ask, "Retire or fire?" and ask music and non-music related questions. It's a new voice that music industry pros will want to hear.

Audiolife Tells Indie Music Artists and Labels to 'Wave Goodbye to The Post Office'

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Audiolife (www.Audiolife.com), an Artist Services platform designed for indie artists to sell music online and on-demand to fans, has announced...

Online Music and Social Networking Get Redefined

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Giving musicians and music lovers more power and flexibility than ever before, BETA Records (betarecords.com) has launched a newly expanded...