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Interpreters Unlimited aquires Albors and Alnet, a language and medical transportation company

SAN DIEGO, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: Interpreters Unlimited, Inc. today announced that it has recently acquired Albors and Alnet, a language and medical transportation company. And, the Bank of Southern California was instrumental in providing the financing for the acquisition. As a result of this acquisition, Interpreters Unlimited has doubled its number of employees; can now offer medical transportation services; and has a presence on the east coast.

Localization, LLC helps Boston businesses with translation, localization and multimedia services in over 50 languages

BOSTON, Mass. /eNewsChannels/ -- Mr. Ray Michaels, founder of Localization, LLC, has recently announced that the sluggish economy has forced companies to look into Canadian, European, Asian and South American markets and while they are working on that French pronunciation, managers now come to Localization, LLC Translation Services for translation and language support.