NEW YORK, N.Y. — Technology Partners Books announces today the release of a new guide: “Cognos 8 BI for Consumers: A Step-by-Step Introductory Guide to Cognos Connection” (ISBN 0979692008); it analyzes how the Business Intelligence (BI) tools work and teaches people how to use them.

According to Gartner, a leading information technology analysis firm, the number one technology priority for 2007 is BI. BI transforms raw data from systems, databases, files, and other sources into powerful information for making informed business decisions.

By applying the power of BI tools to a company’s raw data, the converted data enables organizations to analyze trends, determine how a product line is selling, understand market share, compare competitor products, and provides critical information for business forecasting.

With millions of users worldwide, Cognos Corporation is a leading provider of BI tools. This new introductory guide addresses Cognos’ latest award-winning tools – Cognos 8 BI, a powerful suite of components that share a common infrastructure for creating, managing, and deploying queries, reports, analyses, scorecards, dashboards, and alerts.

Authored by Juan A. Padilla, founder of Technology Partners Books, the book is the first in a series. It walks the reader through the fundamentals of the powerful web portal that is the foundation for all users of Cognos 8 BI, from end users to administrators.

“While on sales, training and consulting engagements,” Padilla explained, “I continued to receive requests for Cognos support information. While Cognos is a top provider of BI tools, external information about the software was scarce.”

Padilla is a certified Cognos professional with over 10 years of Cognos experience. He has an extensive background in database management and has worked with companies such as Oracle, IBM, and Scientech. Padilla has mastered the integration of technology with business needs and has worked on projects with major international organizations in fields of telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, distribution, banking, insurance, and government.

Padilla’s solutions have received numerous accolades by Cognos, including “Best Innovative Solution” and “Best Industry Solution.”

“Cognos 8 BI for Consumers: A Step-by-Step Introductory Guide to Cognos Connection” is available at and

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