DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Looking for some terrific ways to make your holiday baking more tasty? Then tune into a special edition of W the women’s show, “Holiday Greetings.” The hit Quorum Productions television program will feature an array of delicious recipes including an appetizer, entree and dessert. During the cooking segment, the chef will reveal one of the secret ingredients used among top chefs and “foodies.”

Host Debi Marie“Plugra European Style Butter by Keller’s Creamery is used and preferred by many professional chefs, with a special niche among pastry chefs,” said Jim Coleman, celebrity chef spokesperson for the show. “It is also beginning to gain strength among a growing consumer segment, ‘foodies,’ who are not professional chefs, but enjoy the art of cooking and aspire to provide restaurant-quality experiences to family and friends.”

Churned in old world tradition, Plugra European Style Butter has a touch more butterfat and less moisture, which makes it richer, creamier and more flavorful than traditional American butter. Regular butter is 80% butter fat. The remaining 20% is water and milk solids. Plugra European Style Butter has a little more butter fat (just 2.5% more). The added butter fat displaces some water and milk solids, resulting in a purer, richer butter flavor and higher smoke point when cooking. Less moisture also means that cakes rise higher, cookies are crisper and cook more evenly, and pie crusts or croissants are flakier.

W the women’s show, “Holiday Greetings” will feature a variety of fun and informative tips to help make this special season more enjoyable and less stressful! The show will air nationally on WE -Women’s Entertainment, and other targeted networks.

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