eNewsChannels COLUMN: Recently I was driving down the street and I had a sudden urge to go home. The urge was strong and I was immediately concerned. I sat there at a red light in peak traffic pondering the now familiar, strange feeling coming from the depths of me. What is it, I thought to myself? Don’t think, feel. I looked at the dash and the temperature gage on my car registered 105 degrees. I drove a few blocks more and the temperature rose to 110 degrees! Wow, Thank God for air conditioning. I had never been in heat that high, and my newly adopted Sacramento, CA was showing me the summer ropes with a vengeance. I traced the imagery of my mind, is it my little dog Zoe I asked myself? She had never experienced temperatures like that either, and I was hopeful that she would stay in the safety of the house. The urge grew stronger and I got frantic to get home. A long stream of cars blocked my path in all directions; 5 o’clock traffic had me in a stranglehold.

Then I remembered the steak I took out of the freezer an hour before. I laid it carefully on the patio table outside to thaw. Oh no, I’ll bet that steak is cooked by now! I got a clear message internally that it was definitely the steak, and relaxed into the drive. No problem, I hate to waste things, but it is just a steak. Later, when I returned home, I saw that it was the steak, but the problem was not what I thought it was at all. I opened the sliding glass door to the patio and looked at the table where I had laid my steak. I was stunned. There was a huge crow eating our dinner! He had eaten it all, except a one inch strip! I had to laugh at the humor of it all. These and many other psychic experiences show the practical side of intuition, while not all silly, some more serious and profound, and some take my breath away. They surface for me just by being open and connected to the energy within, my intuitive energy. Would you say I am unique? Not at all!

We all have the capacity for psychic experience. I know you have been there, should I turn left here, or right? Make the right turn and things are wonderful. Perhaps you run into someone from your past, someone you haven’t seen for a long time. Perhaps you save yourself from an accident, taking the long way around to your destination, rather than going a shorter way. This allows you to miss the spot that was an accident waiting to happen. Everyone is born psychic and we all have the capacity to connect to our inner self, our intuition much better than we do.

So, if that is the case, why don’t we? Mostly because we have had the skills trained out of us by well meaning people, family, friends, institutions, society itself. Those that have these skills are seen as unique. I hear people say all of the time, “Oh, he is really psychic.” Or, “She has the gift.” Or, “He is a seer, an empath, or fill-in-the-blanks.” In fact, there are many who make a living providing the answers for people, when the answers and everything you need is right there, inside of you.

Rarely do we admit that we have “it.” In business we say we have a good gut. This is OK, to have a good “gut,” to be able to get in touch in order to score big on the stock market, or close a deal. If the truth be known, many very successful people do use psychic experience, but they don’t recognize it as such. So, in truth that is what our senses are for after all. We all want to make things happen for the good in our lives, to live life easily and effortlessly, to live life at our highest level of existence. Ultimately, some people are better in touch with their “gut” then others, but everyone has one, if you will pardon the pun. The good thing is that you can get in touch and train yourself anytime you want. The way to get started is to be more in touch with your senses and your connection with others.

By fully experiencing the moments of our life, by being in the present moment, we live life in a fuller, more meaningful way. We live life mindfully; thereby being able to avoid accidents, be in the right place at the right time, make the best deals, get people to tell you the truth, and much more. Staying in tune only takes minutes a day. When you eat something, how does it taste? What does the shrub that you pass by each day smell like? How does the texture of the leather or upholstery of your car feel? How does the petal of a rose, or a warm coffee cup feel? How blue is the sky today? What does the music created by the wind moving through the trees early in the morning sound like to you? What does it feel like? How do you feel inside when you unite with those feelings? Ask yourself questions in this regard, and of course, listen to your answers. This is not mysterious at all, and the last part is the key, to “listen,” to what you have to say to yourselves, because you know better than anyone else what your answers should be.

Being psychic is nothing more than learning to read the energy around and within us, and tying all of the pieces together. Learning how you take in energy and information, interpret this information correctly and create an internal system for accuracy

We are use to operating on an intellectual level, especially in our daily work. However, when we empower all of our faculties, our intellect, our emotions, our physical senses and spiritual responses in full unification, the force is indeed with us. The power in this is that you get just the right answer for any experience. Whether you are trying to close a deal, hire the right person for the right job, give your child the best advice (until he or she can trust their own inner senses), choose a career, develop a relationship, heal yourself, or help someone to heal themselves, or live at your highest level of consciousness. We all have it in us to feel the psychic wonder of who we are at our deepest level, to expand ourselves and extend our physical senses into our environments. We are so much more than we allow into our awareness. Ultimately, when we allow awareness into our life, we honor an ancient part of ourselves, our spirit, our soul and full unity within the web of life.

Article is Copr. © 2010 by Shirley Ryan – all rights reserved.

Shirley Ryan Shirley Ryan has a MS in Human Relations and is president of Working Together (, a business specializing in spiritual and cultural shifts in communities and helping people to create abundant, enriched life styles through changes in mind, body, and spirit.