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Skiers, Youth, Eco Activists, Indigenous, Spiritual Leaders Unite at Paris — Ways YOU can help NOW

Humanity owes a debt of gratitude to, founded by Bill McKibben, for helping organize unprecedented numbers of World Peoples Marches, including Pope Francis urging Catholics to join, to ensure world leaders agree on strong legally binding climate agreements at the UN’s 2015 Paris Climate Summit Nov 30-Dec 12. Paris’ 10,000 Shoe Protest, 15 yr old Xiuh Martinez’ “Million Student Walk Out,” and unprecedented world prayer power, including the Shift Network’s Invocation for the UN Conference on Climate Change, also showed who we are, and why we are poised to turn the tide in Paris.

PHOTO CAPTION (above): Campus Divestment Funds could help ski areas worldwide shift to clean energy, like Maine’s Solar-powered Mt Abram Ski Area, and host heart-healing Native Ski programs to enhance abundant snow into the next century. Courtesy of My Abram. just called for “an end in Paris to the injustice of Fossil fuel corps (still) getting 40 times more in subsidies than poor countries get in climate finance.” The U.S., China and the E.U. are the highest carbon emitters per capita. The U.S. at 16.6 tonnes, is twice that of the EU of 7.5 tonnes, and compared to the G7 our target pledge is seen by the world as “disappointing to say the least.”

Our world leaders aim to achieve, with our insistence and prayer power, a legally binding and universal agreement on climate to keep global warming below 2°C or 3.6°F., as sea levels may still rise at least 6 meters/20 feet above current heights, radically reshaping the world’s coastlines, affecting millions, and 39 inches at the end of the century. So let our leaders know how you feel. Here is how We can the World can significantly extend our snow and shorelines with or without government support!

The great news is the team also announced yesterday that “500 institutions controlling $3.4 *trillion* in assets have now begun pursuing some form of fossil fuel divestment. And it’s time for big countries to follow.” This was inspired by students and faculty worldwide heroicly pushing for Campus Divestments from fossil fuels to renewables, using all that knowledge they learned, and likely your unprecedented world prayers!


India has compassionately included as part of their pledge giving 400 million “energy poor” Indians access to electricity. They were likely empowered by the Washington Times article: NASA-funded study says modern society doomed, like the dodo  “within decades unless the world learns to share more and distribute resources more evenly.”

Here is how you can support those most impacted by Climate Change: The youth, indigenous, island, coastal, poor, and ski leaders at Paris to help ensure we win this Race to Save our Snow and Shorelines.

First by leaders at Paris helping preserve the Tibetan Plateau Glaciers – one-third of the planets glaciers – for humanity.

And the rest by forwarding this information to representatives in Paris and your local Universities or Institutions to prioritize shifting a fraction of their Divestment funds to clean renewable energy on strategic fronts, especially ski areas since most of the weather comes from the mountains that bring moisture to your whole region. Plus providing access to clean electricity to our “Indians” who have been magnanimously helping save ski areas from droughts with their snowdances for 55 years, while often freezing to death at home without electricity.


A window of opportunity at Paris to slow down the melting of one-third of the world’s glaciers was just revealed by Huffpost: Tibet’s Plea: Fix The Roof Of The World Before It’s Too Late 1.3 billion Asians depend on water from their rapidly melting 46,000 glaciers including on Everest – the biggest snow refrigerator besides the poles! The Dalai Lama is urgently calling on Paris leaders to fix the roof of our only HOME, and agrees with Climate leaders that:

“Nomadic mobility is key to protecting the dry lands or Tibet and the world, as they are expert custodians of their lands and their traditional knowledge must be incorporated into climate mitigation and adaptation practices.”

China is forcing Tibetan nomads off their lands and into large scale settlements. To date, more than two million people have been moved. There must be an immediate halt and the Nomads be allowed to return. Tibet must be on the climate change agenda in Paris, not just for Tibetans, but for the environmental health and sustainability of the entire world.”

Those in Paris please urge Chinese leaders to learn from the mistakes of America and Australia in the 1800s of removing millions of our Native Americans and Aborigines from their ancestral mountains to reservations. It created imbalances, why the U.S. and Australia are plagued with catastrophically expensive droughts, storms, and continuous forest fires (the most in the world-UN), which Harvard says is prematurely warming the planet and melting our glaciers and snows.

Others please forward this to your leaders there to educate and urge them to save the Tibetan Plateau.


This year also brilliantly mobilized the “Campus Divestment” campaign that secured commitments from universities and then institutions globally to shift $3.4 trillion from investing in fossil fuels to renewables. Currently 22% of the world’s electricity is renewable. This funding will raise that percentage and have the greatest impact if done strategically. Here is the information you can forward to your local universities and urge them to prioritize a small fraction of these funds to help ski areas worldwide get clean energy. Thanks to the following information from Powder Magazine, Protect our Winters, NSAA, as well as the United Nations, a Nobel Prize winner, and Indigenous Elders, not covered by mainstream U.S. press, you can see how we can together mobilize a Green Dawn NOW, NOT later, as the World’s youth are demanding, to save them trillions in painful catastrophes and relocations.

I am proud my brother Kim Chaffee, who captained Harvard’s winningest ski team, is now President of Virginia’s Harvard Club. He raised the money this year for the Harvard Divestment video, which helped get 350’s Divestment rippling around the planet. He agrees that a critical priority for a fraction of the Divestment funds would be to help ski areas shift, since snowmelt, as California learned, is the drinking water and food source for most regions. Coincidentally, the students at McKibben’s Middlebury College, partnering with Native Energy, helped make their Snow Bowl, the first Zero Carbon ski area.


Thanks to Powder Mag’s Porter Fox we know that the rate of winter warming in the U.S. has tripled since 1970 and the Northern Hemisphere has lost a million square miles of spring snow cover in the last 50 years. The Alps have lost half of their glacial ice, 20 percent of that since the 1980s. And half of the Eastern ski areas will be gone in 30 years. He also lists ski resort heroes paving the way into a new era, like Aspen SkiCo’s Auden Schendler and Jamie Schechtman (founder of Mt Riders Alliance), who helped shift Maine’s Mt Abram into solar powered ski area.

In 2012, the National Ski Areas Association’s NRDC study found that most of the U.S. snow will be gone from our mountains before the end of the century unless there is an intervention. Standing up for Tibet at Paris and this divestment funding are immediate INTERVENTIONS!

Powder publisher John Clary Davies is boldly leading the charge for snow at Paris with the grassroots I AM PRO SNOW – “Ticket to Ride” – YouTube, Aspen’s Renewable Energy leaders, and “Protect our Winters” (, representing over 100 Olympians who heroicly convinced Washington that snow is a critical water supply! Powder is moderating the I Am Pro Snow plenary panel at the COP21 World Climate Summit. – on December 6.

This Divestment fund could greatly extend snow and today’s coastlines by making it possible for the U.S. and world ski areas to shift to renewables NOW. Ski areas would love to have clean energy as it would reduce their biggest expense, snowmaking, since fossil fuels put a blanket of black soot on the snow that heats and melts it faster, (along with the Poles, Greenland and Tibet), yet most cannot afford to shift despite renewable energy being cheaper than coal. So shifting will greatly enhance both their short and long term profits, as solar ski areas from Switzerland to Maine, and half a dozen wind energy ski areas worldwide have found.

The 6 biggest U.S. Banks are even funding renewables and want to protect their investments, why Big Banks Call For ‘Strong’ Climate Deal – Huffington Post.

Divestment funding can help extend snow by finally fully addressing healing Mother Earth both physically and spiritually.


In 2009, the Indigenous Bolivian President Evo Morales showed the UN Climate Conference the coming attractions that inspired them to wake up and boldly ACT: Bolivia’s (only) 18,000 foot glacier/ski area melted. He then got a resolution by the UN’s 192 member states that Mother Earth is a living Being and we are all interrelated, and got unanimous vote for the UN hosting an annual International Mother Earth Day on Earth Day. Thanks to our Native American Elders raising their awareness and seeing the prophesies of our Native American Elders come to pass, the consensus in their 2012 live webcast was that the “key to regenerating Mother Earth is a combination of green technology and Ancient Wisdom of the Tribes.”

UN Peace and Climate Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio is producing two documentaries with Iroquois Faithkeeper Oren Lyons on their Ancient Wisdom. To hear some of the World’s Great Wisdomkeepers, hosted by the worldwide Shift Network, log on to a FREE recap of the Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit leading to Paris.

After witnessing a snow miracle in 1995 that saved Telluride from a snowless Christmas, in appreciation for my teaching a Lakota to ski with a comp ticket, I co-founded with Ute Unity leader Alden the Naranjo Native American Olympic Team Foundation, which has enlightened about 80 ski areas to invite over 10,000 tribal youth in the U.S. and Canada back to their ancestral mountains to ski and snowboard as part of a Skiers-Led Healing of America. This has inspired their Elders to lead communities in emergency snowdances that have saved countless ski areas from droughts, which Powder Mag uncovered in 2014, that it was started by Walt Disney asking the tribes to save the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics. In 1963, Vail asked the Utes to save them, which aired on the CBS Huntley-Brinkley Report. The Southern Ute visionary, Elder Eddie Box Jr said we have helped the ski communities because “We need to create more harmony between our cultures and Nature.”


Guided by the Elders for 20 years, I also learned how generous Mother Earth is when we give Her gratitude for the snow and rain blessings, how fossil fuel smog blankets the mountains and lowers their vibration, which interferes with natural precipitation cycles.


The Elders-led ceremonies, through giving love and appreciation to Mother Earth and Her Nature spirits, raise the vibration of the mountains, which purifies them. It is similar to how Japan’s late water guru, Dr. Emoto helped communities around the world, often with tribes, to purify and restore contaminated waters. But the Elders say their ceremonies are only bandaids and we must do our part to shift to clean energy to help heal Mother Earth and prevent droughts long term.

The Elders say that Mother Earth has absorbed all of the negativity from the genocide, wars, explosions, pollution, accidents, and it must be released or purified, especially around this 2012 cycle called the “purification,” through droughts, fires, earthquakes and strange weather, OR through heart healing outreaches, especially Native ski programs that also rebalance the land, and restore natural precipitation.

That is why Stanford’s late 2007 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Stephen Schneider, a climatologist for Aspen SkiCo and the UN, praised ski areas for hosting Native ski programs, and urged others to follow because they inspire the Elders to lead the emergency snowdances that work. Therefore, the UN Sustainability officer, Maria Mercedes Sanchez, urged our Native American Olympic Team Foundation to spread their “Snowdance Phenomena” story, co-produced by Australian Nick Pasquale, to communities worldwide, since they wake people up to live in more harmony with Nature. (A network of 50 countries want to air when the divestment can finally help us get it edited)

My chief Native American advisors, are Olivia Ellis PhD (Cherokee) and Valerie Nunez (Apache), whose ceremonies and prayers helped end California’s seven year drought in 2004, and also helped protect Vallarta, including our Solar Family, from the fiercest hurricane in history. How Amazing Grace Spared Puerto Vallarta from Patricia’s Wrath


While the U.S. ski areas have made some beautiful progress through our Skiers-led Healing of America since 1996, our Native Programs are now drying up from the government cutbacks to America’s poorest, our tribes, in the last two years. Most tribes, like Ute Mountain, are in such dire shape they cannot afford the gas for the 5 hour round trip to ski in Telluride costing less than the public school programs. ($15-25 per student package that ski areas in 15 states have offered), as part of the Healing of America.

Because of these cutbacks, the NY Times reported this year an unprecedented number of tribal youth suicides and 100 attempted suicides from hopelessness from also 70% unemployment and no opportunities. See Diane Sawyer’s shocking ABC Special at a the Pine Ridge Lakota reservation: Hidden America: Children of the Plains – YouTube As a result of the cutbacks, our mountain chains are again becoming barren of deeply Nature-connected peoples like Tibet.


Lynda Kimber (Aborigine), secretary of the Australian Indigenous Alpine Sports Foundation (, contacted us in September to do exchanges between their Aborigines and our Native Americans “to help prevent the suicides and promote positive outcomes. The U.S., Australia and Canada found the joy of snowsports works best to heal from the generational abuses from our government boarding schools.

So in solidarity with the Aborigines (see amazing film “Australia” and Oprah’s women’s ceremony on global TV on sacred Uluru), we dreamed up this three Continent Intervention. The Canadian Government is the only one making amends to heal their First Nations and prevent suicides by funding ski programs for their First Nations in the Arctic for decades. Also snowboard programs at over 13 resorts thanks to our inspiring my fellow Olympic racer Steve Podborski to partner with Squamish leader Aaron Marchant.

In the absence of the support of our governments, NAOTF and AIASF urge We the World, through the Campus Divestment funds, ski areas… to do the right thing as JFK urged, “to heal our national wound and study their tribal wisdom.”

We suggest a simple healing model of Australia’s Thredbo, which has been inviting 20 Aborigine youth a year to enjoy a seasons’ pass (tickets, lessons and rentals pkg), similar to Washington’s Stevens Pass and Ski Sunlight areas near Aspen. NSAA President Michael Barry had us create SNOW-RIDERS.ORG with maps of all the ski areas near tribes with websites, “to make it easier for all 320 ski areas to invite their tribes to ski.”

By inviting this level, 8-16,000 tribal youth in the U.S. and Australia (if they alternate groups skiing every other week), with their Elders, back to their U.S ancestral mountains and nine Australian ski areas, plus Canada, it would together serve as a powerful INTERVENTION that could save our mutual continents, and therefore others, decades of snow, which the Pacific Coast needs now. And here is another way to also heal tribal hearts and health to inspire significant snowblessings.

As Dr. Ellis (Cherokee) said, “it wouldn’t be right to help wealthier ski areas get solar and wind energy unless we also followed the India model and included our poor tribes who have been helping ski resorts survive with their snowdances since the 1960 Olympics, as many have been freezing and dying on reservations without any electricity or gas money for heat, and this is going to be a cold winter!”

Therefore, the Divestment funding, or U.S. Government Climate pledge like India’s, should include providing “energy poor” Native Americans, only 5.2 million, access to electricity using clean solar and wind energy that is now cheaper than coal.

This is the most cost-effective investment, given that the world spends almost a trillion a year on green energy, since it is half the solution to regenerating Mother Earth, and it will help the tribes be able to even joyfully streamline assisting humanity. The Elders who lead these ceremonies are some of the poorest since their lives are dedicated to serving others. Thank you India and NASA for compassionately and scientifically lighting the way!


We are looking for some angels who want to maximize snow and snowmelt this winter, by heroicly helping our foundation provide ski programs for the seven tribes with the highest suicide rates: South Dakota’s Oglala, Rosebud, Cheyenne River and Standing Rock reservations, and Wisconsin’s LacCourte Oreilles, and Minnesota’s Red Lake plus the Minneapolis Indian Center with the highest in Native girl trafficking. We have weekly programs all set to go for about 25-50 of the highest risk youth at their local ski areas starting January thru March. These youth would so deeply appreciate this chance to restore their joy and health and have job opportunities to help lift their families, too. Our board member Billy Kidd (Abenaki Olympian) put Lakota Delaney Tyon under his wing at Steamboat and he won the National Nastar Ski Championship, lifting spirits. Together we can give back and become an America we can be proud of! Just contact me at, 323 4933877.

Through Americans finally healing our “tragic genocide through tribal outreaches,” says Shift Network founder Stephen Dinan, “we can help create a peaceful sustainable planet.” This could ripple and help preserve the 2,000 tribes that go extinct each year, according to the UN, to help restore their regions, to benefit ALL LIFE.


Stanford University also partners on an environmental exchange with the New Zealand Maori, whose government has a Nature spirit post stamp, and Hawaiians, where businesses are launched with a Kahuna doing a blessing of the land. Elders like Seneca Robert-John Knapp, who speak at Universities and Parliaments internationally, inspired Pope Benedict to declare in 2008, “it is a sin to poison the water.” This year polluters in Sicily were excommunicated.

The University of Indiana is studying our snowdance phenomena, and Mexico’s University of Guadalajara is interested in studying the snow and oceandance phenomena after UN’s Sanchez (Nicaragua) encouraged us to also spread oceandances that purify our suffering oceans. See Puerto Vallarta’s Mexico’s ‘UN Compassion Week’ Oceandance inspires Whale … Miracle!


1. So please forward this to Universities in your region to show them how they can be heroes for generations by shifting a fraction of their fossil fuel “Divestment” funds to creating solar and wind-powered ski areas in their region, along with Native ski programs, snowdances, and clean energy for our spiritually rich but “energy poor” Native Americans.

2. Please also forward this to your ski area leaders to tell them about this “Divestment” funding clean energy solution, and how they could start healing hearts and weather by sharing 20 passes NOW to help stop the suicides and start healing hearts and the weather.

Global Crisis as Catalyst to Planetary Awakening?

The Shift Network is hosting a provocative discussion about how our multidimensional global crisis can serve as a catalyst for the emergence of a true planetary wisdom culture 8, on Tuesday December 8, 5pm PST. Each of us has a deeply meaningful role to play in helping to joyfully bring forth the highest potentials of our respective societies as we navigate this collective transition. REGISTER HERE

We the World have the insight and power right now to create a world in more harmony with Nature to extend our snows and shorelines through these steps that will also help heal the heart and soul of America, humanity and Mother Earth for generations. We thank the Elders for lighting the way for humanity: Indigenous Elders And Medicine Peoples Council Statement …



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Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee Bio - as first woman on the USOC board in the 70s, she led the successful reform of the Olympic Rules with Legends like Bill Bradley, Muhammad Ali, Jack Kelly, Kip Keino, which leveled the playing fields with the government supported countries through Madison Ave, then led the Title IX March in DC. In 1996 she co-founded the Native American Olympic Team Foundation that has inspired ski areas across the US and Canada to invite tribal youth to share the joy of skiing with over 10,000 youth, which inspires their Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from droughts for 55 years. At the request of SLOC, she orchestrated a snowdance that restored their snow and also a Native ceremony with Ali, that protected Utah from expected terrorism, and every Olympics since then, including RIO!