DALLAS, Texas — Kids are now safer while surfing the Web thanks to Zigback Blocker. The Zigback Blocker is an Internet browser enhancement that creates a kid-friendly, condensed Internet by blocking millions of unverified, unknown, and potentially harmful and inappropriate web sites.

Zigback relies on a predetermined list of approved and verified web sites to give kids a safe and positive Internet experience while putting parents’ minds at ease.

According to Zigback’s co-founder, Marcus Dorris, “optimizing your web browser to automatically regulate the world wide web is truly the best way parents can be 100 percent sure that their child is not being harassed by cyber bullies, surfing inappropriate web sites, or being targeted by child predators.”

Kids who use the Internet without structure, safeguards, and parental regulation are in danger of coming into contact with a child predator or explicit content and in appropriate images.

“Child predators are crafty and change their tactics all the time so pre-approving a child’s web site choices is the only way parents can feel a high level of comfort that their child is properly protected while on the Internet,” Dorris said.

Dorris adds that after he discovered adults instant messaging his teenage daughter and inappropriate pop-up ads luring his son to sketchy sites, that he would often sit in the same room to monitor their Internet activity.

“It’s amazing what kids can find on the Internet,” Kelly said, a working mom of two young teenage daughters, and a nine year old son. “Now, I have absolutely no concerns with my kids getting on the computer unsupervised because with the Zigback Blocker installed I already know in advance where they are going and what they are doing.”

Zigback’s secure, kid-friendly environment promotes the use of the Internet for educational and learning purposes. Sites that facilitate chatting, email, video uploading, file sharing, and social networking are replaced with web sites that promote math, science, music, free on-line games, research, religion, and more.

By equipping the Zigback Blocker with a dynamic scheduling tool, Zigback’s creators have provided parents with the ability to also schedule surfing availability based on individual preferences so kids can concentrate on other things, like improving school grades.

“Parents have to get more involved in their children’s surfing activities,” Dorris said. “Unfortunately, we live in a time where a simple mistake of typing in an incorrect web address, can propel a child into a life of drugs, crime, or child-exploitation.”

About Zigback .com, Inc.
Zigback is a globally-focused Internet safety company deploying intuitive and dynamic technology solutions that enable parents to regulate their children’s access to web sites through URL pre-approval and real-time verification applications. Founded in 2007, Zigback’s common sense approach and affordable value-added services is helping parents to keep their kids safe from child predators across the globe. has no offices or agents operating outside the U.S., but through the global reach of the Internet, it has a growing customer base in several foreign markets including Australia, Canada, England, South Korea, India, Japan, Scotland, and Turkey.

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