SUNRISE, Fla. — The holiday season is quickly approaching. For some, plans are in motion to visit elderly family members. But if it has been a while since you last visited, you might be shocked at how much they have aged, concerned about their continued safety and well-being and motivated to do something about it, say the folks at Interim HealthCare.

First, try and remember the value of independence. Almost no one wants to be uprooted from his or her home. Getting help doesn’t always mean moving. Many people can remain safe in their home with minimal help.

There are often signs of trouble that usually show up in several areas. By being observant, you may be able to identify problems before they become a crisis.

While you are visiting, consider the following:

    * Are medications a problem? According to a recent survey, one out of every three seniors said they had trouble taking their medications correctly. If someone takes four or more medications daily, they are at significant risk.

    * Is there difficulty with daily living activities? A variety of equipment can easily be used in the home to make it safer.

    * Is the person depressed? Clinical depression is real and it affects thousands of people over 70 at home.

Through Interim HomeStyle Services, you can access a free online Independent Living Assessment at that lets you get involved and become informed about factors that limit a person’s ability to live safe and independent in the comfort of his or her home. By taking a few moments of your time, you can answer a series of questions to identify how well the individual can perform activities of daily living and other factors that impact his or her well-being.

The assessment results provide valuable information about next steps, including recommendations for checking with a physician when appropriate, situations in which home care might help, “red flags” about safety issues and general, useful information about conditions, what you should watch for and expect.

Interim HomeStyle Services offers a variety of personal care services including companionship, homemaking, transportation, and meal preparation. These services are provided in the comfort of one’s home, regardless of where they live, be it a private residence or a senior living facility.

Founded in 1966, Interim HealthCare is the nation’s oldest proprietary national organization providing health care personnel at all skill levels in all settings. Through one of the country’s most comprehensive network of 800 offices (franchise, branch and affiliates) Interim HealthCare provides diverse services including home care, medical staffing, occupational health and pharmaceutical support services. Interim employs more than 75,000 health care workers and provides services to approximately 50,000 people each day.

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