PORTLAND, Maine — Aurora Photos is excited to announce the launch of Select, a photographer representation division in New York City. Aurora Select works with editorial photographers of exceptional vision and story telling skills, representing them in magazine and commercial areas of photography.

Aurora Photos, one of the small, premier independent photo agencies, licenses a wide range of photography, from outdoor adventure and lifestyle, to geography and culture.

Aurora Photos has teamed up with highly experienced leader David Laidler to spearhead the evolution of Select.

Aurora’s founder, Jose Azel says, “For years we have been looking for the exceptional individual who could take on the demanding role of directorship of an assignment division. I couldn’t think of anyone better than David.”

Aurora Select Assignment Director David Laidler says “It’s very exciting to be representing such a talented group of photographers, all very diverse but all great story tellers. In today’s competitive marketplace clients clearly need sophisticated visual essayists to tell their story, and Aurora specializes in bringing together the best in their field.”

Select maintains the highest quality expected from Aurora Photos with a unique roster of photographers with diverse styles.

    * Bridget Besaw
    * Jay Clendenin
    * Andy Cutraro
    * Katja Heinemann
    * Todd Korol
    * John Lee
    * Jon Lowenstein
    * Vince Musi

This select group of photographers has made their mark in the editorial world, working for clients such as Time, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, US News and other international magazines.

Portfolios for the Aurora Select photographers can be seen at:

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