OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Bondtrac, Inc. ( announced today the launch of LiveNetwork, a series of fully disclosed, true counterparty pre-trade information systems for the fixed income industry. Building on the success of Bondtrac’s direct access bond offering information and analytics products, LiveNetwork delivers innovative functionality for real time intra-firm fixed income information and order management. The system maintains full price transparency with real-time offerings without intermediary mark-up or commissions.

“Bondtrac has been an innovation leader for web based bond information and we are excited to continue to lead the way while still being committed to providing open information, keeping the true buyer and seller together without adding costly intermediary charges. We give the bond market complete transparency while allowing dealers to trade directly with each other which always provides the lowest transaction costs to both seller and buyer,” said James A. Tappan, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Bondtrac, Inc.

Bondtrac LiveNetwork suite of products include Professional, ProInvestor and a site soon to be released for individual investors, Bondtrac Investor, each geared to the needs of unique bond market audiences, from traders and dealers, financial advisors and buy-side professionals, to individual investors.

Features added to the enhanced professional series of products include real time active U.S. Treasury and live offering updates, intra-firm electronic order manager, inventory manager and ‘Intelligent Offerings’ which utilize a unique activity monitoring system and current dealer list.

“What makes Bondtrac LiveNetwork so compelling to our industry is how we have pulled together all the audiences allowing each participant to interact with the true counterparty without Bondtrac getting in the middle,” said Tappan. “We strengthen the bond market by maintaining the relationships it needs, yet providing electronic functionality for greatest efficiency.”

About Bondtrac, Inc.
Bondtrac, Inc. ( is a financial information provider delivering a broker neutral, live network, open to the entire fixed income community. The premier Internet based company and only web-based system with true counterparty transparency, Bondtrac empowers traders, brokers, advisors and investors with market intelligence and analytical tools to make well-informed investment decisions.

Over 100,000 participating users have depended on Bondtrac to provide quality and reliable pre-trade information leading to more than 2 million transactions in municipal, corporate and agency bonds.

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