DENVER, Colo. — Coupon Sense, based in Chandler, AZ, is celebrating their tenth anniversary. And to celebrate, they have decided to expand into Colorado where now even more people can take advantage of their savings program and enjoy from 50 to 70 percent off on their grocery bill. “People have fixed expenses for their car payments or mortgages, but their grocery bill is one place where they can cut down,” Jen Schaupp, Program Manager for Coupon Sense in Colorado, explains. “People don’t realize that they could be saving a lot of money using coupons and shopping the sales.”

Schaupp adds that “the right way to use coupons is to combine them with a sale to get the absolute lowest price. That’s also when people should stock up on that item.”

While many people may believe that using coupons means buying mostly processed foods, sugar cereals, or canned goods – that’s not true. For example, vendors such as Sunflower Market have some of the best prices for produce, natural meats, and organic items.

“And, you don’t always have to use coupons to get the best prices on items like chicken, ground beef or even milk – you just have to know who has the lowest prices. Coupon Sense will show you that each week,” Schaupp says.

Coupon Sense makes shopping the sales, using coupons and slashing grocery budgets easy. Additional vendors involved in the program include: King Soopers, Albertson’s, Rite-Aid, Safeway, and Walgreens.

Currently, Coupon Sense is offering a promotion rate to their new Colorado customers where people can try one month for the low rate of $2.50; the regular rate is $12.00.

Coupon Sense is very competitively priced for what they have to offer when compared to competitors. Their subscription-based service cross-references weekly sales at local grocery chains with approximately six months worth of coupons, alerting members when, where and how to save the most money.

An online service, Coupon Sense started as a newsletter in Chandler, AZ. Founder, Laurie Meyers, had a knack for finding bargains and telling her friends, and they encouraged her to start a business. It has grown into a multifaceted web site that makes couponing fast and easy.

Users simply type in their grocery list and the system spits out the best deals currently available in the markets. Subscribers only cut out the coupon if they are going to use it.

“You can’t knock a system that costs less than a few frappuccinos and saves you hundreds of dollars,” one subscriber says.

And, if subscribers refer their friends to Coupon Sense and continue into their second month, they will earn a $12 commission.

To sign up for a discounted trial, visit: and enter the promotion code: 10 Years.

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