GARDENA, Calif. — Home foreclosures are making history at nearly 6,000 each day. There were 179,599 foreclosure filings in March 2008 with the biggest foreclosure state being California. While the housing moguls look to Congress to bail out that industry, Community Loan Service Center shows Americans how to prevent foreclosure by first understanding their foreclosure options. With the advent of the foreclosure crisis in America the Federal Government has brought together a coalition of several banks which include Chase, Washington Mutual, CountryWide, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and several non-profit agencies who have formed the Hope Now Coalition.

The Hope Now Coalition has provided a brain trust of non-profit and for profit agencies that specialize in foreclosure and mortgage services. Although this is a well meaning collaborative of professional staff and expertise there are significant measured deficiencies in the coalition’s execution, say the experts at Community Loan Service Center. Due to the great demand for service and the inadequate staffing the Hope Now Coalition now finds itself overwhelmed with an excessive backlog for services.

Average call wait times to speak with an operator on the Hope Now Hotline exceeds 60 minutes. The distribution of information taken during the intake process in order to speak with a counselor is taking as long as 6 weeks. Many distressed homeowners do not have 6 weeks left in their foreclosure process.

It is imperative that distressed homeowners realize the best solution for foreclosure mitigation is a private legal services agency, says Community Loan Service Center, Inc. a non-profit homeownership preservation agency with the collaborative of the practicing Real Estate Law Firm of Eric-Douglas Johnson, JD-MBA General Counsel.

Foreclosure intervention counseling and submission consists of three major components; The Legal (mortgage law, liquidating trust), The Administrative (loan modification, asset management, loan mitigation, negotiating) The Financial (mortgage payment, budget management and payoff arrangement). These three components if coordinated correctly can lead to a preferred solution and can give the homeowner a workout that is a win solution necessary to avoid foreclosure and can provide the homeowner with a payment plan that is attainable.

Community Loan Service Center (CLSC) boasts a 7,000 sq. ft. corporate office located in the city of Gardena/Los Angeles County with three additional branch offices serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Fernando Valley. Southern California is the epicenter for foreclosure with Stockton and the Inland Empire being the two heaviest hit by this epidemic.

The CLSC 1-800-445-1313 hotline provides over 25 desks of trained professionals in foreclosure prevention and real estate law under the same roof. Three practicing attorneys provide bankruptcy and other legal supportive services for people that are in duress and overwhelmed by all extensive mitigation process or who have been misrepresented due to fraud. “Call us now for help!”

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