WHIPPANY, N.J. — For the first time, health care professionals and consumers can benefit from the comfort and convenience of silicone heel cups and wedges, as well as a complete selection of insoles, constructed with anti-microbial top covers. Together with its newest line of silicone foot orthotics, foot care innovator GEL SMART is introducing Fabric Smart(TM) anti-microbial top covers, which eliminate the odor problems of conventional textiles used in foot inserts available elsewhere. Allowing feet to slide easily into footwear for a comfortable fit with the orthotics, the new top covers wick moisture away from the feet, keeping skin cool and dry. Constructed of durable, four-way stretch material, they retain their antibacterial and antifungal properties through repeated washings.

Gel Smart Fabric SmartFabric Smart top covers are now available as options with a wide array of GEL SMART silicone heel cups, heel wedges, and both three-quarter and full-length insoles. These inserts are all made from S-GEL material, which absorbs shock and shear forces as it cushions and protects from pressure, abrasion and friction between feet and footwear. GEL SMART’s proprietary S-GEL technology provides unique design flexibility that translates to an unequaled variety of styles, including different thicknesses for best fit and performance in dress, everyday and active footwear. GEL SMART has also used this technology to engineer genuine dual-durometer orthotics featuring softer silicone zones for maximum comfort and pain relief to sensitive areas of the foot, combined with firmer material to cushion and absorb impact efficiently.

Marty Vogel, CPO, director of product and business development for GEL SMART, who announced the new line, said, “Our success in combining textiles with heel cups and wedges means more choice for consumers. And Fabric Smart top covers add a lot of practical value across our entire line of foot orthotics. These advances show our commitment to being known as the ‘Smart Technology’ gel company.”

The benefits of GEL SMART design are abundant in the lead product in the new line. The S-GEL Medium-Recovery Heel Cup with Soft Center Spur Spot and Anti-Microbial Top Cover (Models # 5050SC to 5052SC) is a dual-durometer orthotic providing medial-side and spur/ fascia relief, as well as maximum comfort while standing, walking or running. Its anti-microbial top cover prevents bacterial growth as well as odor. The heel cup retains its shape under the stress of constant use and is washable and reusable. Features available in other GEL SMART heel cups and wedges that come with Fabric Smart top covers include: removable spurs for targeted spur relief; waffle gel patterns for maximum shock absorption; soft center spots to maximize shock absorption at point of impact; low-profile construction, and posted styles.

The Fabric Smart textiles covering GEL SMART’s new heel and insole inserts are the product of advanced technology that uses a molecularly bound antimicrobial treatment, which kills microorganisms by physically penetrating and electrically neutralizing them. Unlike conventional treatments that chemically react or enter with microorganisms acting as a poison, the agents in these Fabric Smart covers do not leach out of the textile. Their durability and effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity over long-term wear and laundering have been clinically demonstrated.

A trusted partner to a wide range of medical, consumer health care and industrial companies, GEL SMART offers for private labels extensive lines of versatile orthopedic and skin care products that continue to improve on standard designs. The company also provides unique customization and product development services, which are available to companies of all sizes in other industries as well. Based in Whippany, New Jersey, GEL SMART has more than 20 years of experience in producing ultra soft gels using both thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone compounds. It is a recognized pioneer in developing visco-elastic products using mineral-oil TPEs and in meeting the challenges of producing consistent quality gels in Shore A-3 durometer ranges.

Working with a long-standing production partner in Taiwan, GEL SMART delivers highest-quality raw materials and products at very competitive prices. With comprehensive design capabilities ranging from gel concepts to packaging finished products to customer requirements, GEL SMART is an ideal partner to OEM and private label manufacturers in taking new ideas to market.


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