The first and only eMeeting capable of sustaining a team’s momentum between their live meetings

GREENSBORO, N.C. — now offers an always available online connection that lets user groups or individuals communicate privately among themselves whenever they want. These meetings are not live, so there’s no need to schedule meetings in advance or for anyone to stop what they’re doing to participate.

ProductiveTeams eMeetings complement real-time emeetings. Live emeetings offer personal contact and are good for immediate impact or feedback which is important when kicking off something new or making sure everyone has the same understanding of an issue.

PT eMeetings are designed for activities that continue over time such as leading or coordinating projects or processes. They support ongoing collaboration among members of a group or team and are often used for informing, educating and mentoring individuals or groups. They can be used effectively to simplify and organize working relationships.

ProductiveTeams reports that groups that use both live emeetings and PT eMeetings are able to get more work done faster. This is especially true for groups whose members come from different disciplines, departments, organizations, or nations.

Peter Lindsay, president of Whetstone Leadership, reports that since he started using ProductiveTeams eMeetings, “our live meetings are shorter, less frequent and more productive. We can devote more time to useful discussion because we handle reporting, updating, action items and other routine business in our eMeetings.”

ProductiveTeams eMeetings
Users will recognize the familiar email look, but email’s frustrations have been eliminated. Instead of creating multiple copies of messages or files and sending them to everyone over the email system, content posted in these eMeetings is not sent anywhere. Group members sign in whenever it is personally convenient to read what other members have posted. They can contribute to the group’s discussion by submitting messages or files of their own.

Larry Allen, the inventor and co-founder of says, “Unlike traditional real-time emeetings which are scheduled events that usually last an hour or two, PT eMeetings can last for weeks, months or years depending on the needs of those using them.”

“They are private. Only those invited to join can see or access them. Spam, privacy leaks, distribution lists, inbox clutter, and the risk of virus and spyware attacks common to email are gone forever. And there’s no chance of losing, accidentally deleting or sending messages or files to the wrong person.”

“The unique email-style,” Allen explained, “lets groups communicate easily and conveniently among themselves. It gives users time to think before they respond or add their own ideas. There’s no clutter or confusion. Everything posted in an eMeeting is directly relevant to the work the group is doing.”

A Private Communications System
ProductiveTeams eMeetings are housed in a self-contained communications system called a ProductiveTeams TeamLink Center.

Each TeamLink Center is a centralized operations hub with its own fully-dedicated web site and database. It provides security, user registration, fee processing, a user directory, and efficient information processing and management for all eMeetings. Because each has its own independent database, users have the added assurance of knowing that all content in their eMeetings always stays safely under their own direct control.

Each TeamLink Center can support an unlimited number of people organized into any number of eMeeting combinations.

It takes just a few minutes to create a TeamLink Center at ProductiveTeams
Mitch Scott, the president of explains, “This unique structure allows users to connect their personal world by setting up an eMeeting for each of the individuals or groups with whom they communicate regularly. They can easily move from one group discussion to another just by clicking each meeting’s name in their eMeeting Inbox. It’s an amazingly easy way for people to communicate with their most important work associates and to coordinate all of their key activities right from their own computer. ”

“Since only one copy of a message or file is needed, it’s easy to edit, update or replace one if necessary. All group members are affirmatively notified and have immediate access to updates. PT eMeeting owners who want to make a file or message available to more than one group can easily copy it to other meetings. Actually, that gives members of those other meetings access to the original copy of the file. This assures that anyone that has access to a file also immediately sees any updates.”

“Travelers never need to call back to the office,” Scott continued, “to get someone to locate and send them an urgently needed file if it is kept in a ProductiveTeams eMeeting. That’s because any group member can quickly and easily access all information stored in their personalized eMeeting file library no matter where they are.”

“Because so much work can be done so easily in eMeetings, users report that they are able to reduce travel and save time away from their primary work for live emeetings. Saving the cost of just one trip can pay for one person’s monthly user fee for several years.”

What’s the Cost? does not charge for creating and using TeamLink Centers or eMeetings. There is no software to buy and no need to install anything on a user’s computer.

A monthly fee of $9.95 or less-from 33 to less than 16 cents per day-gives users unlimited 24/7 access to all the eMeetings they have been invited to or are hosting themselves.

New users can use ProductiveTeams eMeetings for up to one month without obligation. If they cancel their subscription within 30 days and they are not charged.

More information is available at and a live online demonstration can be scheduled by sending a request to

ProductiveTeams, Inc., P.O. Box 399, Colfax, NC 27235, 336-931-0099.

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