BOTHELL, Wash. — Victor Cox, CEO of Never Check It (, has formed a strategic partnership with Barclay Crocker Inc, a leading specialty formulated skin care Products Company to offer Easy Travel Kits.

On December 19th customers will be able to buy Easy Travel Kits through The Kits will provide everything needed in personal care for a week on the road. At $19.95 (7.00 ship/hdlg.), Easy Travel Kits are delivered via US Priority Mail, directly to your destination – Hotel, Office or Residence marked “HOLD FOR ARRIVAL.” Free Delivery Confirmation sent to your email address.

Easy Travel Kits“Our site is dedicated to help travelers continue to carry-on luggage and is constantly evolving to meet the demands of travelers, which is why we are very excited about Easy Travel Kits. The travel kits contain 14 different products and offer over 40 options to satisfy the needs of all travelers. This will be one more resource to help ensure that our customers will be able to carry-on their luggage, which will save valuable time, money, and help alleviate the stress associated with travel,” Cox says.

“This idea was spawned by our own annoying experience at airport check-in,” states Caitriona Barclay, owner of Barclay Crocker Inc.

“We came back from a sales trip and said ‘Hey, we already HAVE a high-end soap and toiletries company,’ it will be easy to come up with a kit for travelers that combines our world class products with the basics and eliminates the angst experienced at airports. By launching the kits in SKY MALL and with a select group of affiliates, we’ll get the word out quickly. This is a product that fills a definite need at this point in time,” according to Caitriona Barclay.

“Our vision is to create a ‘one stop supplier’ of bedroom and bathroom requirements for travelers and we feel that Easy Travel Kits will be a valuable product for our customers,” Cox says. is a service that will help travelers save valuable time and money by allowing them to keep their luggage at their side.

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