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Adsil Coatings Shows Green Performance is More Valuable Than 'Green Products'

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- It's trendy, in today's society, to purchase anything associated with the word "green." For most people, the ultimate objective of...

Global Synthetic Ice Products Embraced by Skating Coaches

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Global Synthetic Ice, a worldwide leader in the development of synthetic ice has announced the support of professional ice skating coaches...

Guangdong Food Industry Institute / L&P Food Ingredients Vindicated by ITC for Sucralose Tech

EXETER, Calif. -- Guangdong Food Industry Institute (GDFII/L&P Food), a leading and first manufacturer of Sucralose in China, announced that today, Administrative Law Judge...

First Time in Print: Wikipedia Chemistry Knowledge

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- Knowledge Publications, a leading publisher of energy books, has put significant portions of the chemistry content of the free online encyclopedia,, in full published, printed book form and has done so in full compliance with Wikipedia's GNU Free Documentation License. The book is titled, "The Chemical Educator: for The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen" (ISBN: 978-1-60322-067-5).

Version 2.1 of the Chemistry Labacus(R) Mobile Laboratory Assistant Released

WILMINGTON, Del. -- Abacalab, Inc. releases Version 2.1 of the Chemistry Labacus(R) mobile laboratory assistant for chemists. Labacus(R) fills a key gap in laboratory information management between the notebook or desktop computer and the physical laboratory environment where chemistry actually happens.

Emission Control Technology Destroys 91% of Methyl Bromide in Commercial Demonstrations – An Environmental Triple Play

BRIDGEPORT, N.J. -- Value Recovery Inc., an environmental technology company, announced the results of its most recent emissions control demonstration for instantaneously destroying Methyl Bromide. Value Recovery proved the destruction of 91% of methyl bromide emissions from fumigation operations using its new breakthrough technology that employs a non-hazardous, water-based scrubbing system.

Infrastruct Security Inc. Certified to Perform Assessments at Chemical Facilities

Infrastruct Security Inc.HOUSTON, Texas -- Infrastruct Security, Inc. announces that members of their staff have recently been certified to perform vulnerability assessments of chemical facilities. The 2007 Homeland Security Appropriations bill mandates these assessments at high-risk chemical facilities and the consequences of facilities not complying with risk-based and performance-based vulnerability assessments are stiff, including civil and criminal penalties and the possible suspension of operations.