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NEWS: Photos of kittens are cute, but clothing and food are where it’s at when it comes to online advertising. PopMarker Inc., creators of the advertising industry’s most advanced platform for programmatic and in-image advertising, found that fashion and food are the most likely to lead to views, which can in turn generate cash for publishers.

PopMarker reports that in its network of over 1,000 publishers, style and fashion photos were tagged with advertising 20,000 times. Images of food were tagged 16,000 times and photos of chocolate 14,000. Even veggies were tagged 9,000 times. As for kittens and other pets, they’re nowhere to be found.

New York based PopMarker has developed a patent-pending image tagging advertising platform that allows publishers to monetize images by overlaying additional content and links on top of an existing image.

“Publishers can take images that they already own and create a new stream of revenue by using them to create programmatic advertising,” says PopMarker CEO Sarper Kocabiyik. “For publishers it’s found money since they can monetize an existing library of images that sits idle.”

The opportunity to make use of images that they already owned not only creates new revenues for publishers, but also has been found to be more effective than what they’re already using. In just 21 months of operation PopMarker has found that programmatic publishing yields three times more revenue as more traditional banner ads. In addition, fill rate for qualified and compliant publishers is close to 100% at a very competitive eCPM.

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PopMarker enables publishers to generate an entirely new source of revenue by using photos they already own. The initial data confirm that publishers believe that there’s likely to be gold in those archived photos of bread and chocolate – not kittens. Cute kittens may be the stars of social media, but cute only gets you so far.

About PopMarker Inc.:

Established in January 2014, PopMarker(TM) is the global leader in in-image advertising placement. It has patented and the most advanced interactive platform for in-image advertising. It is the only SaaS cloud based interactive in-image advertising platform, which is used by both publishers and advertising agencies. PopMarker’s ad server platform is now serving both premium and programmatic advertising.

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