LOS ANGELES, Calif. — According to, a ballot measure setting forth requirements for holding public agencies, public employees, and elected officials (including judges) accountable will be filed soon with Bruce McPherson, California Secretary of State.

“After employees of Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office allegedly stole property belonging to my husband (Anant K. Tripati) and admitted to lying to the court, lawyers for the Los Angeles County and the Board of Supervisors covered this up,” said Krish Tripati, founder of

“Also: Judge Paul Gutman, of Los Angeles Superior Court and the Court of Appeals, refused to hold hearings based on the merits of his case. I believe we must hold government officials accountable and never allow them to victimize the people of California with the help of lawyers and judges who engage in misconduct.”

“Before I submit this measure to Secretary McPherson and start collecting signatures, I would appreciate receiving any suggestions or comments people may have to make certain this measure passes,” said Krish Tripati.

Please visit the Proposition tab at to comment on the proposed Amendment to the California Constitution. Also to learn more about alleged corruption and malfeasance in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and the California Superior Court.

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NEWS SOURCE: Krish Tripati
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