PETALUMA, Calif. — World Business Services, Inc., founded in 1994, has contractual agreements with a myriad of vendors who provide one-of-a-kind programs designed to help businesses save money, improve efficiencies, and increase sales. By having several service providers available, World Business Services, Inc. is able to custom tailor a specific program to help any sized company, in any vocation, in the United States.

Retex, a non-profit buying consortium, founded by 12 major retailers in 1992, has successfully used its collective buying power of over 2,400 Member businesses to obtain special consideration from companies like World Business Services, Inc. Retex Members purchased over $90 billion dollars worth of goods and services from their exclusive service providers.

Membership in Retex is Free, without obligation, and is available to any business who sells its products or services to any consumer. When Retex Members subscribe to any Retex vendors services, they receive an ongoing rebate and possibly a year-end dividend, from Retex,

In being selected as an exclusive service provider of Retex, World Business Services, Inc. has identified over a dozen new cost reduction programs that will help Retex Members save money.

Some of these unique programs include:
1) A program to maximize recovery on a Federal Excise Tax Rebate on Retex Members 2006 tax return, 2) Programs that provide rebates and recovery to both Leased Property and Commercial Property owners, 3) Phone programs that either cut costs with the existing local service provider, or provide free local phone calls, 4) Guaranteed cost reduction on credit card processing through authorized vendors, and new types of payment cards that increase loyalty and generate new customers, 5) Risk free auditors who can identify past recovery on business insurance, such as Worker’s Compensation, as well as an advocacy program to reduce insurance premiums without displacing the existing Agent or Broker, 6) Identifying Employee Tax Credits and Sales and Use Tax Credits, 7) Elimination of bank re-deposit fees of checks, and elimination of costs from Employee Lost or Stolen Payroll Checks, 8) A Phone Audit to identify past overcharges and to obtain cost savings without changing existing service providers, 9) Free Credit Card processing equipment for any size business, 10) Accepting checks like a credit card, shipping C.O.D. without risk, and being able to take guarantee payment on all Internet, Mail Order, and/or fax sales at the time of the sale, where the customer is not present, so that the products can be shipped immediately to the customers without risk.

For more information about how to obtain a Free Membership in Retex, contact Retex Member Services at 800-99-RETEX, or Their web site is .

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