LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Social Platform, a leading social networking software provider of scalable web-based solutions for branded, high end social applications announced today the release of their latest version, Social Platform Enterprise 2.0. In keeping with the firm’s dedication to developing advanced social media software, release of version 2.0 focuses on a higher degree of functionality in response to the demands of the social networking landscape.

“The many improvements and forward progress in development of Social Platform Enterprise instigated this major version release,” remarked Eric Schlissel, CEO and founder of Social Platform. “SPE 2.0 is an outstanding advancement of the software platform primarily driven by our client base and what we see as necessary to be on the forefront of next generation social networking software.”

Social Platform has continuously promoted the development of extensible software architecture. Several major enhancements to Social Platform Enterprise 2.0 improve its ease of scalability and LDAP support for seamless integration.

Enhancements to the moderation system and community policing and the software’s commenting system and updated forums have also been made. These community-centric features address the growing concern for abusive or irrelevant content which can now be more effectively regulated. Further enhancements to Social Platform Enterprise 2.0 community features also includes full UTF-8 compatibility for multi-lingual support.

Major updates for search engine optimization (SEO) will greatly improve clients’ ranking in search engine results, enhancing visibility to potential new members. Fully-renovated search functionality has revitalized the software’s capacity to easily connect members. Further enhancements enable clients to easily take advantage of existing Social Graphs from external sources, while exposing Social Graphs created on SPE. These upgrades enhance search engine marketing (SEM) features which translate to key benefits for Social Platform clients who embrace social media marketing concepts.

About Social Platform, LLC
Social Platform creates and integrates software to transform web experiences into social applications. Tying together all the necessary technologies through an extensible hosted infrastructure, Social Platform enables clients to create organic online communities and applications with ease of implementation. The Social Platform Enterprise suite helps build brands for companies and the things they are passionate about.

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