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Tag: Laser and Optical

New Precision Tube Laser Cutting System announced by Laserflex Inc.

COLUMBUS, Ohio /eNewsChannels/ -- It practically works at the speed of light. Laserflex Inc. announced this week the release of its all new Adige LT8 tube laser cutting system - it's fast, accurate and efficient and will add quality to the process and end-product.

Dr. Jennifer Rouke joins ASE Optics Engineering Team

ROCHESTER, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- With the addition of Dr. Jennifer Rouke, ASE Optics increases its capabilities in systems analysis and modeling for imaging systems. ASE Optics provides contract optical engineering and custom lens assembly manufacturing for companies worldwide.

Ohio Laser LLC Opens Tube Cutting Facility on their ISO-9001:2008 Manufacturing Campus

PLAIN CITY, Ohio /eNewsChannels/ -- Ohio Laser LLC has opened a new dedicated laser tube cutting and laser pipe cutting facility on their ISO-9001:2008 manufacturing campus. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) can now streamline their production of tubes and pipes efficiently at one location.