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LTC NEWS LLC Names Leigh Geramanis-Arnold Chief Washington DC Correspondent

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- LTC NEWS, LLC, publishers of website ltcnews.com, has named Leigh Geramanis-Arnold as Chief Washington Correspondent. Formed in July 2015, LTC NEWS is an online resource for long-term care planning, aging, caregiving, health, and retirement issues to help consumers plan for and better understand the family and financial impact of aging.

A Prime Time to Plan for Long-Term Care for Yourself Is After Arranging It for A Loved One, says ACSIA Partners

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Have you been called upon to arrange care for an aging parent or other loved one? If so, "it can be a blessing in disguise," says Denise Gott, CEO of ACSIA Partners, one of the nation's largest long-term care insurance agencies. "It can inspire you to plan ahead for your own care, without delay."

Research Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) Agents before Engaging, ACSIA Partners Advises

KIRKLAND, Wash. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: If you're in the market for long-term care insurance, you've probably submitted some online forms. And your phone may be ringing. How should you respond? 'Cautiously at first,' says Denise Gott, CEO of ACSIA Partners, a leading long-term care insurance agency.

Move Over, Thanksgiving; Seven Long-term Care Awareness Campaigns Vie for Room at the 'Caring Table'

KIRKLAND, Wash. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP) has identified seven (count 'em) awareness campaigns that are competing with Thanksgiving 2013 for space at November's table of caring. Various associations and agencies have designated November as 'awareness month' for their cause.

3in4 Association and National LTC Network Announce New Strategic Partnership for Long-Term Care Awareness

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. /eNewsChannels/ -- The National LTC Network (NLTCN) and the 3in4 Association have announced a new strategic partnership for 2013. Since the 3in4 Association's inception, NLTCN has provided sponsorship dollars to support the Association's '3in4 Need More' nationwide public service campaign.

Financial advisors should warn seniors about need for long-term care strategy, says Jonas Roeser of LTCFP

KIRKLAND, Wash. /eNewsChannels/ -- A New Jersey naval architect watched helplessly as over $1 million dollars disappeared into the health-care system. Like most middle-class Americans, the naval architect and his parents had missed an estate planning gap. Their financial advisors missed it too. No long term care insurance. 'This was an expensive omission,' says Jonas Roeser, of LTC Financial Partners.