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Tag: TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming

LRM Industries International Expands with additional patented TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming Production Lines

ROCKLEDGE, Fla. /eNewsChannels/ -- NEWS: LRM Industries International, Inc., of Rockledge, Florida, announces that it has secured a second building and added two presses due to rapid growth. Operating at 24/7 since May of 2011 and processing 2 million pounds of plastic per month, LRM reached full capacity on its main TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming production line.

Thermoplastic Company LRM Industries International Rebrands Company

ROCKLEDGE, Fla. -- LRM Industries International, Inc. headquartered in Rockledge, Florida, has re-branded and launched a new Web site showcasing a range of developing new thermoplastic/composite products for the environmental engineering and green building markets. The designs of these innovative products were enabled by the unique size and structural features capabilities of LRM's unique patented STF Sheetless ThermoForming and TPF ThermoPlastic Flowforming technologies.