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TAYLORS, S.C. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: Unirealm Information Systems, a U.S. based internet cloud hosting and information system provider, today announced the licensing of their patent pending #US_14/503,375 invention “Use Answer Question User Authentication System” aka UAQUAS(TM) that uses question answer challenges instead of passwords for computer system login.

Passwords like “I8@yurHows2” are hard for one to remember, but the two word answer “stupid cat” to the challenge question “tree ornament” is easy for one to remember when one has fond memories of their pet cat slapping a Christmas tree glass bulb ornament across the slick waxed wood floor.

UAQUAS(TM) uses the gate challenge to keep hijackers outside the system, the door challenge to keep hijackers outside the account, the safe challenge to keep hijackers outside the confidential, the frisk challenge to catch hijackers inside the account, and the key challenge to silently lock and unlock the account.

Total account hijacking is easy with single level password login, because imposters who guess the password will get full access.

Total account hijacking is hard with multiple level UAQUAS(TM) login, because imposters who guess both the key and gate answers at the same time do not even get limited access until they also guess the door answer, after which they still must guess the safe and frisk answers to get full access.

Frank Moseley president of Unirealm Information Systems said, “Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities confidential photos would not have been stolen had they been stored on a computer system with UAQUAS login, since any lucky imposter who somehow passed the gate and door challenges still would have been caught by the safe and frisk challenges when they tried to view the confidential photos.”

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