CORVALLIS, Ore. — A new service has launched which offers website creators a way to keep their sites online for generations. “Our website hosting service is designed for artists, musicians, writers and family historians who want to preserve their work online,” says Dave Gore, founder of the website hosting company Arkhold, Inc. “With Arkhold hosting, a website can outlast its creator.”

Arkhold eliminates the need for monthly or yearly hosting fees by setting up endowments for clients’ websites. The endowment assets are invested in total stock market index funds, and the yield pays the ongoing costs of hosting websites. Since the real value of endowments is preserved through time, the yield can support hosting costs indefinitely. Arkhold has a patent pending for its method of financing website hosting.

In the past, hosting services have posted pages of photos and memoirs according to set formats. Arkhold’s service preserves a wide variety of website formats, and is meant to go beyond memorials to include digital preservation of works of art, essays, creative writing, or musical compositions. It is also the only provider that clearly outlines its method of creating and using endowments to ensure perpetual service.

“A lot of artistry and memoirs end up moldering in someone’s basement,” adds Gore. “They should be digitized and made available to anyone, whether now or 1,000 years from now.”

The cost of setting up an Arkhold Endowed Website(tm) is $2,500. For more information, see the company’s website at .

Contact Person: David Gore, President, Arkhold, Inc., Telephone Number: (541) 745-5169 (day & night), FAX: (541) 753-7312.

NEWS SOURCE: Arkhold, Inc.
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