BRUNSWICK, Md. — offers its users plenty of social networking features, as well as original artistic content, that often cost hundreds of dollars per year to use or download elsewhere. The majority of social networking features on are provided free to registered users.

Subscribers also gain unbridled access to advanced social networking features for free, including greeting cards, personal ads, an advice column, e-mail, blogs, forums, and classified ads. By upgrading to subscriber status, one can access premium artistic content and get unlimited downloads.

Users may subscribe for a minimal annual fee of $19.99 to gain full access to premium content from artists. This cost is equivalent to less than one month of dating services elsewhere, or downloading approximately one album of music with two music videos to an iPod. Artistic Pursuit feels that its users deserve an affordable alternative to comparable Internet options available.

Artistic Pursuit differentiates its site from other content sites by allowing paid subscribers to upload content for consideration for the Top 100 Lists for videos, music, literature, images and online games. publishes this listing each month with fresh new talent that has been reviewed for quality. Subscribers who have content selected for the Top 100 are paid for their content. Paid subscribers also have exclusive rights to enter contests, including the current music challenge that will award a demo recording contract to one winner this summer. Registered users who are non-paying subscribers can also upload and share content in the listings sections.

“Artistic Pursuit has learned a great deal from pioneers in both the artistic and social networking arenas, including Taxi, MySpace and YouTube,” says Shelton Alexander, CEO of Artistic Pursuit, LLC. “The company wants to create a place for artists and fans that includes several social networking options accessible from one site, and then leverage these connection tools to discover and promote new artistic talent.”

“We’re building something like an online artists’ colony,” says Jeremy Biser, Vice President of Creative Content. “And the cool thing about it is that we’ve invited artists, fans and anyone else who wants to join us to come along.” launched on January 1, 2007 and had approximately 1.5 million hits in its first month of inception. The company is now accepting original submissions from artists (subscribers) for the March 1st Top 100 Lists. Users can upload content to the listings section and utilize social networking features at any time.

The mission of is to become the premier online destination for artists and fans to connect worldwide.

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More About ArtisticPursuit will bring together thousands of artists with millions of fans on a single Web site; its goal is to fill a void in the current entertainment marketplace by focusing on five artistic categories – videos, music, literature, images and online games. has given new hope to many artists who might otherwise give up on their craft. One registered user wrote in his blog, “I saw the commercial on TV ironically right as I said to myself ‘Dude this is never going to work’ referring to my films.”

Social networking features are included in the site to build community and encourage collaboration among users. The site is designed with artists and entertainment enthusiasts in mind, but it is also a place where anyone with Internet access can make connections and build relationships.

Contests promoted by Artistic Pursuit are available only to subscribers. The current contest offers musicians a Demo Recording Contract as top prize to be awarded by July 2007. The company plans to announce a literature contest this spring. Artistic Pursuit is planning other promotional opportunities for artists within each of the five media categories later this year.

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