web-enabled fashionAUSTIN, Texas /eNewsChannels/ — Blings, Inc. releases details for its crowd-funding project on Indiegogo for intelligent lighted shoes. Blings(TM) are the world’s first illuminated shoes that will interact with an iPhone or Android device. The idea was to bring together the elements of style, functionality and technology into a coherent product that can be worn anywhere, which will stand out in a crowd.

To communicate with the Blings, simply pair them with an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth, then download and install the free App and they’re ready to go.

Once the App has been launched, it will give you several options on how to control the Blings. Press the “ON” button to turn all the lights on. Press the “Preset” button to cycle through the programmed sequences. Press the “Music” button and the Blings will react to audio or your step.

However, one of the coolest features is when you receive a call, the blue lights will flash continuously until you pick up or the phone stops ringing; and when you get a text message, the blue light will flash the word “TEXT” in Morse code three times.

Blings are equipped with blue LEDs in the heel and orange EL (Electroluminescent) lighting along the sides.

“Ever since I first saw ‘TRON’ as a child, I’ve been fascinated by the computers, technology and fashion in that movie,” said Victor Wong, CEO, Blings. “I am glad to have the opportunity to merge high-tech and fashion into something new and cool.”

Blings are made from the highest quality materials including an all leather upper section. The EL lighting is extremely flexible and waterproof. The LED lights are embedded into the sole of the shoe, making Blings very durable and capable of being worn daily.

A push button switch on the brain in the tongue of the shoe allows the user to select various functions and presets for the Blings so they can be used without a smart phone.

Blings will be offered in all standard sizes for both men and women as well as in white and black colors.

Complete information is available at: or on Indiegogo at .

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