BOULDER, Colo. — Boulder Natural Solutions LLC, a leader in bringing natural and organic products to market, introduces the Kentucky Natural Farms All Natural Black Forest Ham, a truly great all-natural choice for health conscience consumers.

Until just recently this outstanding ham could only be found at a few select retail and club store outlets in Northern California, and the Pacific West Coast. Despite that limited availability, word-of-mouth spread the news about this exceptional ham, and with a little luck and persistence, Boulder Natural is now very fortunate to be able to offer this upscale ham nationwide.

Costco is now offering Kentucky Natural Farms All Natural Black Forest Ham on their website,

Kentucky Natural Farms According to the company, “Many folks, like Marge Dixon of Twin Falls, Idaho, who said ‘It’s the best in the world, and I won’t ever eat another ham,’ go out of their way everyday to email or call us on our 800 number to tell us that our ham is the best they’ve ever had.”

Customers say it’s something special, and here is why the company thinks that you will agree:

    * Old Fashioned / Old World taste
    o We take up to 3 times as long to produce this special ham compared to ordinary hams
    o That extra time deepens the flavor and creates a rich aroma

    * Handcrafted
    o Unlike common hams, ours are uniquely handcrafted and personally checked for quality, not just a product of automatic assembly lines

    * Our Natural Farm Suppliers and Label Claims
    o Are completely documented, checked, and approved by USDA Labeling officials before we put claims like “no added antibiotics” on the label

    * All Natural Ingredients
    o Some ham processors merely add chemicals and preservatives because it’s the quickest and cheapest way
    o We take pride in our All-Natural technique

    * No Sodium Nitrite, and no added nitrites

    * No Chemical Preservatives

    * No Phosphates

    * No Fillers or Additives

    * Real hardwood smoke, not “liquid smoke”

    * A Simple to understand / clean label
    o Nothing artificial
    o Easy to understand and nothing misleading or confusing

The company has adapted a 100 year-old family recipe, which completes this upscale, All-Natural masterpiece. Their special technique, slow process, and natural juices combine to create a uniquely tender and flavorful ham.

For all of these reasons, this upscale ham is something special. The company does not use Sodium Nitrite and call this ham “uncured,” but it is Fully-Cooked and Ready-to-Eat, either reheated or cold right out of the package.

To purchase Kentucky Natural Farms All Natural Black Forest Ham, go to and search “ham.” Every Boulder Natural Ham will arrive in a chilled cooler, fresh, not frozen, and when refrigerated below 40 degrees, it will keep that great taste for 60 days from pack date. It’s convenient anytime, and particularly great for a gathering of friends or family.

About Boulder Natural Solutions LLC
Founded in 2004, Boulder Natural Solutions LLC is a leader in bringing natural and organic meat products to market. We know all and have worked with many of the Natural Beef and Natural Pork companies. We have been involved in all phases of this rapidly growing sector, everything from farm audits to label design to selling the final product. Boulder Natural works with farmers, processors, and retailers to design systems that encourage sustainable farming by creating unique, natural products and services.

Boulder Natural has developed effective working relationships and collaborations with many companies. Whether its All-Natural pork or beef for retail, documented Natural meat for processing, or upscale “clean label” finished items for foodservice (such as Natural Bacon (raw or precooked)), we make it happen.

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